List of dos and don ts in the bible

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list of dos and don ts in the bible

Do's and Don'ts [iBelieveBible]

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When I look at this text, it reminds me of the short list of points Sarah Palin wanted to remember for a television broadcast, and so she wrote them on her left hand. The instructions which Paul sets before us are something like that. They are also like the grocery list that my wife gives me when I go to the store. One may wonder about the brevity of such a list. Was Paul running out of space on his parchment?

I know what you're thinking. This is just another list of things that Christians can and cannot do. Something we get told our entire lives. Actually, a relationship with God is more complex than that. As you begin studying the Bible more and growing this stronger relationship with Him, you realize there really isn't a set list of "do's" and "don'ts" for a Christian. Your connection is going to be different from everyone else's on earth.

There are a lot of actions prohibited by the Bible. How many have you done?
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Many people see Christianity as a bunch of rules and guidelines to follow. I will be their God, and they will be my people. Instead of listing rules for behavior or moral conduct, Christianity is based on knowing God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. That being said, the Bible does give us some specific examples about how to live as a Christian. Attending church might be one of those things.

Can you imagine living in a law-free world—one with no rules, no restrictions, and no limits? We might think such a place would be utopia, but think again. It would be lawless, governed by utter chaos, anarchy, and destruction. We really could not survive in a law-free world. The entire universe operates by those laws that He put into place when He spoke it into existence. And yet human beings, the one part of His creation that God made in His image, transgressed His law right out of the gate.

Leah grew up in the Chicago area where her father worked for an evangelical ministry. Her family attended church whenever the doors were open — Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday visitation, Wednesday prayer meetings, and weekend youth activities. As a child, Leah learned to memorize scripture and developed a good base of Bible knowledge. While she is thankful for how those years shaped her values, she became more of a rule-follower than a follower of Christ. In college, Leah fell in love with a man named Riley.

The Do's and Don't's of Witnessing

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List of actions prohibited by the Bible





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