To kill a mockingbird chapter 27 questions and answers

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Novel Summary: Chapters 27-28

to kill a mockingbird chapter 27 questions and answers

To Kill a Mockingbird (4/10) Movie CLIP - Atticus Cross-Examines Mayella (1962) HD

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Chapter By mid-October life in Maycomb has settled back into its normal routine with the exception of three small but ominous events. First, Bob Ewell finally acquired but quickly lost a job. He was so irate about losing his job that he marched down to Atticus's office and accused him of "getting" his job. Second, someone broke into Judge Taylor's house. Clearly, Bob Ewell still seeks revenge on the people he feels wronged him during the Robinson trial. Meanwhile, Scout looks forward to a Halloween pageant at school and occupies the rest of the chapter with the story of Tutti and Frutti Barber, two old ladies who were tormented by children who thought it would be a grand practical joke to hide the ladies' furniture from them. Chapter Jem escorts Scout, who is dressed like a smoked ham, to the Halloween pageant.

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Although Jem and Scout could have died, the incident with Bob Ewell serves as a vindication for the Finch family and their values. Bob Ewell, who the town stands behind during Tom's trial, turns out to be a man so cowardly that he not only stalks Helen Robinson, he tries to kill two innocent children. And the man who comes to their rescue is none other than Boo Radley, a man whose self-imposed exile has made him the prime topic of gossip in Maycomb. It was Atticus and his children who understood these men no matter what the situation. Although the town knew Bob Ewell to be trash, they would defend him over an innocent black man. It was Atticus who saw the truth and stood by that.

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All rights reserved. Ewell gets a job with the WPA, but gets fired for laziness—a feat Scout has never heard of before or since. Brain snack: the Works Progress Administration was created to give unemployed people jobs during the Depression , so a person would have to be a really bad worker to get fired by them. After that Mr. Ewell goes back to picking up his weekly welfare check while blaming Atticus for his unemployment in a really menacing way. Atticus isn't worried, but Judge Taylor is on his guard. Around the same time, Mr.

Miss Maudie has become forgetful because she's tired. We know that usually she remembers to bake Dill a cake, too. Miss Maudie is signalling that Jem is mature now: the little cakes represent childhood and "we understood" shows that the children see that Miss Maudie thinks he's grown up enough to share the adult's cake. Any action would have to be quite covert, but "nobody has much chance to be furtive in Maycomb. They pity the Mrunas but can't see that their own black servants and workers also suffer and are treated badly. Unable to see things from the black people's perspective.

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  1. What does Bob Ewell start doing that suggests he may not be over what happened at the trial?

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