Baker mayfield and hue jackson

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Hue Jackson keeps Baker Mayfield feud alive

baker mayfield and hue jackson

Hue Jackson addressed his rift with Baker Mayfield, which began after Jackson joined the rival Bengals' staff after being axed by Cleveland last.

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield doesn't appear to care about the perception of his back-and-forth with former head coach Hue Jackson. Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland. I'm not looking for anybody's approval. No reason to go into detail about it. We've moved on. There has been plenty of drama between the Oklahoma product and his first NFL coach since the Browns' victory over the Bengals on Sunday. Cabot noted Jackson attempted to hug the quarterback after the game only to be rebuffed for a handshake instead.

Hue Jackson believes the Cleveland Browns fired him as head coach due to the on-field struggles of Baker Mayfield. I think they want to do everything they can to put him in the situation I mean, you got the first pick in the draft—who I think is going to be a franchise quarterback; who's going to be a sensational player—and he's not playing as well. So again, here is the perfect storm to move forward and move on. Jackson ended his tenure in Cleveland with a record that included a winless season. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who's in his second season with the Browns, is taking over for Jackson on an interim basis.

Hue Jackson had a baffling answer when asked why Baker Mayfield didn't get more Oklahoma plays

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield stood by his critique of former head coach Hue Jackson as "fake" on Wednesday and responded to those who questioned his maturity. I've always been that way.

Hue Jackson Says Browns Firing 'Truly, Really About Baker Mayfield'

I've always been that way. It's not immature. It's me being exactly who I am every day, being that same guy for our team, and I think that's very important right now. Jackson has not been available to the media since Mayfield said Sunday that he took it personally that Jackson had joined the Cincinnati Bengals ' coaching staff after being fired by the Browns. Cleveland defeated Cincinnati on Sunday. I wasn't gonna have a scholarship. Good try though buddy.

There continue to be ramifications from the Hue Jackson firing in Cleveland, largely thanks to the former Browns coach sticking in the division and moving over to be the Bengals' version of Dwight Schrute. The drama surrounding Jackson's heel turn and the resulting response from Baker Mayfield and other Browns players has kept the story alive. Plus, people want to know how the Browns are good now when they were so terrible before Hue got fired. There's only so much insight into what happened that you can get from "Hard Knocks. And before the game, as Eagle explains, he and Fouts sat down with Jackson for the production meeting and asked him a very pointed question about why the Browns weren't running more concepts from Baker Mayfield's college playbook at Oklahoma.


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