Is allah and god the same

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is allah and god the same

And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God. God is our Father, yet the Quran very specifically denies that Allah is a father ().

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Yes, I want to follow Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus. I still have questions. Some say Christianity and Islam are 'sister' religions. But the answer is no, they are not the same gods, nor are they 'sister' religions. Comparing the nature, character, the instructions and teachings of each, and usually the practices of their believers, we can quickly see the differences.

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And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God. Her suspension is not about theology and orthodoxy. It is about enmity toward Muslims. I have even recommended that Christian women consider wearing the hijab in certain circumstances, as well as counseled Christian men to consider fasting with their Muslim neighbors during the month of Ramadan, as long as it is clear these gestures are out of Christian love and not submission to Islam. With this desire for love in mind, I turn now to the question: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Like all good questions, the answer is more complex than most want, but I am confident of my position: Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God, but given the complexity of the matter we all ought to stop demonizing those who disagree with us.

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

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