Xbox one news and rumors

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Xbox 2 E3 news – Xbox Two release date, streaming, price and games news for Scarlett devices

xbox one news and rumors

E3 2019! New Xbox Games Confirmed For E3 2019 And More - Xbox Update

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For the past few years, the new Xbox was nothing more than a dream. We had hoped Microsoft was working on the next Xbox, and even suspected that might be the case, but until recently, we weren't sure. Microsoft officially announced its next generation hardware, in the form of the enigmatic Project Scarlett , during its E3 conference. However, Microsoft won't confirm if Project Scarlett will encompass more than one new Xbox console. This is despite rumors that there are two new Xbox consoles on the way: a high-end console codenamed 'Anaconda' and a entry-level console codenamed 'Lockhart'. Microsoft may be remaining pretty tight-lipped about the finer details of Project Scarlett , but we do know what specs to expect and when we'll see the console or consoles hitting shelves. Microsoft officially announced Project Scarlett during its E3 conference.

But revisions like these can only get a console so far, and it has us thinking about what comes next. The team working on the project is the same one behind the Xbox One X. At E3 , Spencer and his team then confirmed that the system is currently being called Scarlett internally, and he later stressed that only one next-generation system is being made. This service was later revealed to be called Project xCloud , and it will allow Xbox games to be played on a variety of lower-powered devices such as mobile phones, and they will be able to use Bluetooth-powered Xbox controllers, as well. Project xCloud runs on blades made from Xbox One S hardware , which should ensure a gameplay experience similar local Xbox One systems. It is not being created as a replacement for consoles and will be compatible with Xbox systems.

The future of Xbox is just over a year away from becoming a reality. Microsoft's Project Scarlett will arrive in holiday , promising four times the power of the Xbox One X complete with a slew of exciting features like ray tracing, 8K resolution and a lightning-fast SSD. Here's everything we know so far about Xbox Project Scarlett, including its release date, specs and potential pricing. Project Scarlett is due for a Holiday release. No word on pricing yet, but given its specs, we expect it to go for a pretty penny.

THE next-generation Xbox will be here in time for Christmas - but what do we know about it? Microsoft has code-named the new devices Project Scarlett, using its annual E3 briefing to drop the first official details. Current rumours suggest at least two different version of the console -- similar to the current All-Digital Xbox One S and X iterations. That wasn't explicitly confirmed by Microsoft when it revealed Scarlett, but it was hinted at. We know that Scarlett is real, and we know that the first hardware from Project Scarlett is now due by 'Holidays '. Scarlett is the name given to the whole family of devices, while Anaconda and Lockhart are the S and X variants of the individual console.

Xbox Two release date: Everything you need to know about Project Scarlett

At E3 , Microsoft finally provided some concrete details on its next-generation console, currently known as Xbox 2, while also lifting the lid on some of its mysterious specs and features., The console wars are heating up once more as Microsoft teases Project Scarlett. We're keeping a keen eye on the Xbox Two.

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