Snow white and the seven dwarfs dwarfs yodel song

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snow white and the seven dwarfs dwarfs yodel song

Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" - The Dwarfs' Yodel Song (The Silly Song)


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The dwarves were originally to sing " You're Never Too Old ", but it was eventually decided that the song should be completely nonsensical; however, both versions are available on the film's official soundtrack. Yodel: Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay-ee-la-ee-ay-ee-lee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay-ee-la-lee-ay-lee-o-lee-ay repeat Happy: I'd like to dance and tap my feet But they won't keep in rhythm You see, I washed them both today And I can't do nothing with 'em Chorus Ho hum, the tune is dumb The words don't mean a thing Isn't this a silly song For anyone to sing? Bashful: I chased a polecat up a tree Way out upon a limb And when he got the best of me I got the worst of him Chorus Yodel, etc. Sneezy: The minute after I was born, I didn't have a nighty So I tied my whiskers 'round my legs And used them for a di--t--a-d--ah-ah-ahh-- sneezes Doc: We used to have a billy goat And had him disinfected He could have slept in Grumpy's bed But the billy goat objected. Television: A Poem Is

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This features an instrument septet. The dwarfs yodel in this song. The melody is taken from the Irish folk song "Peggy Lettermore". After discovering Snow White in their house and having dinner, the dwarfs throw a party for Snow White. In the song, Happy and Bashful each sing about something silly, both of which are followed by a chorus. After which, the dwarfs all take turns dancing with Snow White.

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (OST) - The Dwarfs' Yodel Song (The Silly Song)

The Silly Song (The Dwarfs' Yodel Song)

The Silly Song





the silly song the dwarfs yodel song ( snow white and the seven dwarfs , 1937)



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