Beauty and the beast gender reveal

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Finding Beauty in Beauty and the Beast the Perspective of an Orthodox Christian Artist

beauty and the beast gender reveal

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Beauty and the Beast's Dan Stevens looked ridiculous while filming

Proponents of both feminism and the gay agenda have claimed the movie as a triumph for their cause. As an Orthodox Christian who has great respect for the power of fairy tales to shape our world view, I found these allegations troubling. Would even Disney twist a simple fairy tale into socio-political propaganda? The answer is, yes, they would. But as an artist, I have often observed that there exists a natural law in art, that when one tries to willfully distort its message, it often has the effect of proving a higher and more immutable truth. Because, in the end, beauty can reveal only one thing the Truth of Christ.

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Despite being inexplicably handsome, we hate to be the ones to tell you this, but Beauty and the Beast 's Beast wasn't actually present on set. Shocking stuff, we know. But while actor Dan Stevens isn't exactly hard on the eyes himself his behind-the-scenes outfit of the Beast's motion capture suit actually was. Yes, in these wonderful on-set pics, we finally catch a glimpse of Dan's ridiculous Beast body suit and as it turns out, Belle's dashing prince is not that dashing after all. Related: Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon reveals the story behind this new deleted scene.



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