The book and the sword

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The Book and the Sword

the book and the sword

The Book and the Sword is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first serialised between 8 February and 5 September in the Hong Kong.

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The rebellious Red Flower Society, led by their charismatic leader Chan Gar-lok Cheng , attempts to assassinate the Ching Emperor Qian Lung also played by Cheng , As Chan and his fellow fighters organize to carry out their goal, however, a shocking discovery leads to a fierce showdown an dChan's exile to the western frontier and his acquaintance with the legendary Princess Fragrance Liu Ying. Together with the nomads, Chan executes a daring return to the capital and an audacious plan to capture Qian Lung once and for all. MDL v5 en. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows.

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Like the martial art heroes that he writes about, Louis Cha is a legend in his own time. His novels were initially written for serialization in his own Ming Pao newspaper, which was published in Hong Kong. However, they became so popular that they were reprinted in Chinese newspapers around the world. His novels, which total fourteen, were subsequently published in book form. His accomplishment was magnified by the fact that during this time Mainland China was a literary desert because Communist rigidity only allowed publication of titles that conformed to socialist realism , i. Definitely, no room for escapist kung fu adventures there.

Set in the Manchu -led Qing dynasty during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor r. The "book" in the title refers to a Quran that was stolen from the tribe while the "sword" refers to a sword given to the protagonist, Chen Jialuo, by his first romantic interest, Huoqingtong. This novel was Jin Yong's debut, and it quickly established him as one of the new masters of the wuxia genre. It is led by 15 heroes, with Chen Jialuo as their chief. At the beginning of the novel, the Qianlong Emperor sends his men to ambush and arrest Wen Tailai, the society's fourth leader, because he wants to silence Wen, who knows a secret about him. The main plot follows the heroes' repeated attempts to rescue Wen Tailai, and is intertwined with two or more extensive subplots.

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The Book and the Sword

The Book and the Sword is a Chinese television series adapted from Louis Cha 's novel of the same title. Although the flow of events is generally similar to that in the novel, Yu Wanting's role is greatly emphasised, with him being the primary antagonist instead of the Qianlong Emperor. Yintang rallies a group of martial artists in the jianghu and establishes the Red Flower Society. Yintang fakes his death at one point and allows his godson, Chen Jialuo, to succeed him as leader of the Red Flower Society. However, within the society, the Chang brothers, Wei Chunhua and Shi Shuangying are the only ones who know that "Yu Wanting" is still alive, and they serve as his spies by watching over Chen and the others.

Book Review: “The Book of the Sword” by A.J. Lake

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