Qantas announces non stop flight between australia and britain

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Qantas eyes non-stop London-Sydney flights

qantas announces non stop flight between australia and britain

Australians have never had a direct link to Europe before, so the opportunities 11, announcing the Qantas non-stop flights on its new Dreamliner.


Australia and Britain will be connected by a non-stop journey for the first time with the arrival in London on Sunday of a direct Qantas flight from Perth. The QF9 flight, which takes off on Saturday evening from the capital of Western Australia, is expected to take around 17 hours and 20 minutes depending on winds and will mark a historic aviation feat by completing the 9,mile 14,km route without a break. Qantas is using the Boeing Dreamliner for what will be the first direct commercial passenger flight between the two nations. For the inaugural flight scheduled to touch down at Heathrow at around 5. It has also increased the leg room by an inch for the cheapest seats. But way back then it took 42 days by boat to travel to the UK. The equivalent of two and a half years of your salary today.

It is the world's second-longest flight after a Qatar Airways service between Doha and Auckland that covers 14,km, or just 31km more than the stretch from Perth to London.
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Flight in Numbers The route is 14,km passengers will fly on the Dreamliner The journey takes about 17 hours, depending on winds. It later operated flying boats from Sydney's Rose Bay. It also offered the first passenger jet services across the Pacific in with a B By passengers could fly to London, but it took 55 flying hours, four days and nine stops. The Lockheed Constellation plane, dubbed the Connie, carried 29 passengers and 11 crew on the journey.

The first non-stop scheduled flight from Australia to the UK has landed in London early after a 17 hour, six minute journey across 9, miles 14,km from Perth. Qantas flight QF9, a Boeing Dreamliner with more than passengers and crew on board, touched down at 5. Passengers did have to endure a period of some turbulence as the plane skirted Cyclone Marcus, a storm off the west coast of Australia, shortly after take-off. QF9 departed Perth at approximately 6. On arrival at Heathrow the plane was greeted by a parade of vehicles on the tarmac with lights flashing. Thank you for being part of something so magical and so special. So congratulations on this amazing occasion.

After 17 hours, the first nonstop flight from Australia to U.K. touches down

The flight took a body-creaking 17 hours and 6 minutes and marks the first direct commercial flight between Australia and Europe. The new flight joins an elite club of ultra-long-haul services that take 17 hours or more to complete, made possible by fuel-efficient planes on routes where demand makes them a viable option for carriers. The new service between the two countries allows passengers to avoid a time-consuming pit stop in Singapore, Dubai, or one of the other midway hubs that usually split the lengthy flight.

First non-stop scheduled flight from Australia to Britain lands after 17 hours

Please refresh the page and retry. Qantas Airways' inaugural service between the Australian city of Perth and Heathrow took off on Saturday evening and will touch down in London at 5. Passengers will be on board the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft for 17 hours as they make the 9,mile journey. T he new link with Perth will be around three hours quicker than routes which involve stopping in the Middle East to change planes or refuel. The new link is part of Qantas' ambitious plans, unveiled over the past two years, to add ultra long-haul flights to its global schedules. This will eventually include non-stop flights from Australia's eastern seaboard to Europe in an effort dubbed "Project Sunrise".

By over 20 airlines operated the route. Qantas commenced operating non-stop flights from Perth to London with Boeing s on 25 March London to Brisbane service commenced on 13 April There were no through bookings on the first service because of heavy sector bookings, but there were two through passengers on the next flight that left London on 20 April. The ABC Guide for September shows six flights a week from Sydney to England: three Lancastrians that took 77 hr 30 min to Heathrow and three flying boats that took hr 55 min to Poole. Qantas first flew the Kangaroo Route on 1 December

Qantas to fly non-stop Perth to London

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