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gabe beauty and the beast

"What can you do that i can't do"- Beauty and The Beast 02x16


Repeating History: Catherine Kristin Kreuk discovered that her ancestor Rebecca had very similar experiences with Alistair. Cat was worried that she would repeat history with Vincent Jay Ryan , and she wanted to protect her love. However, Cat soon realized that leaving Vincent alone and vulnerable to an attack could be just as dangerous. She decided to let Vincent go. The End of Gabe: Cat was back and forth between Gabe and Vincent last year, but Gabe ruined his romantic chances at the end of Season 2 when he went off the deep end. Once Catherine let Vincent out of his cage, they went after Gabe together. She revealed that JT had all the evidence necessary to put Gabe in jail for murder.

Beauty and the Beast fans on Monday night laid witness to what the series finale would have looked like, had the CW drama not been renewed at the 11th hour for Season 3. Would it have satisfied, or left you hungry for more? Alas, she also checked in with her father, who warned that if Vincent were to kill Gabe, no matter how justified, he likely would cross a point of no return for a beast. As Gabe taunted Vincent again and again ó by killing Agent Knox, assaulting yet oddly sparing? JT ó it was all Catherine could to keep Vincent at bay.

He was an early experiment of Muirfield who was desperate to get rid of his beast DNA and, at one point, dated Catherine Chandler. With the help of medication synthesized by his Muirfield doctor, Vanessa Chandler , Gabe was able to remain in human form. Without the medication, he remains in beast form, unconscious of his actions and unable to control them. Gabe was smuggled out of Muirfield by Vanessa after she faked his death. He was then adopted, and went on to become well-educated and successful.

Vince can go lick a dick for the moment while Cat and Gabe are kissing, like srsly. I am so completely not a fan of Gabe. Not even a little bit.
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Seriously, this guy needs to leave Cat so she can be happy. Cat wants to be with Vincent, so just let her! Seriously, Gabe. Watching season 2! Between Vincent and GabeÖno contest! Like it makes him better than Vince. Whatevs dude!

She's at least going to try. When we last saw Cat Kristin Kreuk , she had finally realized that she hadn't let go of Vincent Jay Ryan because he had saved her life all those years ago. So is there hope for Catherine and Vincent to rekindle what they once had anytime soon? Keep reading for more scoop! Catherine declared she's ready to move on. Is she really going to? If she's going to move forward in her life then she's going to explore other possibilities for sure.

Gabriel Lowan

Vincent is in danger of returning to a life in the shadows. The biggest danger to date has been a member of the team: Gabe. From the outset, his motives have been cloudy at best, even with a backstory more fleshed out than most of the other characters.





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  1. Gabriel "Gabe" Lowan was a Beast and a main character on Beauty & the Beast. He was an early experiment of Muirfield who was desperate to get rid of his.

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