Ultrasound prank free pregnant spoof and fake pregnancy trick

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UltraSound Spoof

ultrasound prank free pregnant spoof and fake pregnancy trick

Ultrasound prank spoof

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Description Details Versions. Publisher Description Get the best ultrasound prank, now entirely free! Trick your friends and family with your fake ultrasound pregnancy How it works: -Begin your scan with one tap, scan over belly for a funny prank -Enter your ultrasound information for a realistic trick -Generate one of a dozen terrifying ultrasounds personalized specifically for you! The app is in no way capable of generating real ultrasound photos. But it is capable of generating countless real-time spooky results! It's time to create some hilarious ultrasound results! Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Ultrasound Prank Free - Pregnant Spoof And Fake Pregnancy Trick app for iPhone and iPad

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