Ross butler and katherine langford

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Ross Butler: Zach Dempsey

ross butler and katherine langford

Hannah and Zach's Relationship - 13 Reasons Why

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However, now Hannah Baker is out of the picture, it looks like the cast have been renegotiating their contracts and several of the cast are looking at receiving a very big pay day for the third season. As reported by Deadline , the first table read for the upcoming season was expected today Aug 9 but the core eight cast members are still renegotiating their contracts but they expected all pay discussions to be settled when production begins next Monday Aug I guess that must be why Ross left Riverdale , huh? Another interesting detail from the Deadline piece is that season 4 is already being discussed. According to them, the actual figure they receive for season 3 might be a little lower than they're asking for but it will increase for season 4. Ariana Grande. Your privacy is important to us.

Sign in. Hannah Baker : Oh, my God. You're such an idiot. Zach Dempsey : What? What'd I say?

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. It looks like another close-knit crew has a group thread, and it just may be the most hilarious one out there. Yes, you read that correctly. Butler, who plays Zach on the hit drama series, has officially been dubbed the grandpa of the group, and the cast has ample evidence to prove it. According to Minnette, Butler can always be found snoozing on set. So, what else would you expect the rest of the cast to do besides take full advantage of the situation?

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why took viewers to plenty of bleak places, but one uplifting highlight was the reveal of Hannah's relationship with Zach. Prior to Season 2, we still may've felt heartbroken about Clay never getting his chance at love with Hannah, but it turns out that Hannah had her own epic love story before her death. I definitely didn't anticipate her secret bond with Zach, but Hannah and Zach's relationship on 13 Reasons Why was a shock to actor Ross Butler as well. This post contains spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Season 2. Butler, playing Zach on 13 Reasons Why, recently spoke to Vulture about the couple's backstory and how, despite imagining a strong connection between them, he found their intimate relationship to be a huge surprise:. In Season 2, Zach doesn't spill about him dating Hannah until it's his turn to testify in the Bakers' court case. Episode 6 follows his description of their sweet summer fling and how they kept the relationship a secret, resulting in a delightfully light, charming segment that briefly took the series in a far calmer direction than what we've previously seen.

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Hannah & Zach's Relationship On '13 Reasons Why' Was News To Actor Ross Butler


Most 13 Reasons Why fans are fixated on what's happening on screen, but the real story is happening behind the scenes with reports Aussie actress Katherine Langford, 22, is quietly dating co-star Ross Butler, 28! Indeed, the stars, who play Hannah and jock Zach on the show, have.
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