Max and his alphabet adventures

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Max and his Alphabet Adventures

max and his alphabet adventures

V E Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick at Nite, and Nick Jr. television series.

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It is geared towards children and teaches them each week how to say their alphabet. Each show speaks specifically about one letter from the alphabet, and then the rest of the show focuses on finding places and things that start with that letter. Max goes on small adventures all over his hometown and even in his backyard in order to find items that start with the episode's letter. By watching this show, children learn how to write their letters and eventually how to say the alphabet in the correct order. This show is educational and captivates children by being full of fun colors and quirky characters. Max is a small child himself, and kids relate to him as he runs around town trying to learn his alphabet and in turn the children learn all about their ABC's and new words.

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Max and his Alphabet Adventures - Nick Jr - 2001


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