Beauty and the beast unit

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beauty and the beast unit

The Beauty and the Beast Unit, also known as the Beauty and the Beast Corps ( BB Corps or B&B Corps), were a group of female soldiers. All four members.

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No recent wiki edits to this page. The Beauty and the Beast unit is made up of four beautiful women who lost their minds after experiencing terrible war atrocities as children. The suits they were outfitted with force their broken minds into some semblance of control using nanomachines, and also makes them virtually invincible soldiers, with a variety of superhuman abilities. The trade off is that the technology exacerbates their mental conditions in the long run. This makes it both their greatest strength and weakness in battle. During the Guns of the Patriots incident, their goal was to destroy Old Snake , having been convinced that killing him would ease their anguish, and make them "whole" again.

Crying Wolf is a member of the Beauty and the Beast Corp, an elite group of once beautiful women turned into machines of war by shell shock on the battlefield. Just as the rest of the unit, her name and weapons reference past bosses of the series. At one point considered a true beauty, Laughing Octopus suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on the battlefield, essentially becoming the 'Beast' she is now. She is a member of the Beauty and the Beast Corps, all of which have names and weapons that reference past bosses of the series. Raging Raven is the aerial attack and demolitions experts of the elite group of Metal Gear Solid 4 called the Beauty and the Beast Corps. Just like the rest of the unit her weapons and name reference past Metal Gear bosses.

The special cybernetic suits worn by the Beauty members, combined with their fragile mental states, made them into lethal soldiers, which caused them to be exploited for their skills. Although their damaged minds gave them an edge in combat, it is also their greatest weaknesses. The suits of each Beast resembled animals after which they were named: Laughing Octopus possessed four tentacles making a total of eight limbs ; Raging Raven utilized flight; Crying Wolf was quadrupedal, complete with tail; and Screaming Mantis had multiple arms. Under their mechanical suits, members are connected to the outer suit via power lines and connectors. Liquid Ocelot organized a group of mentally unhinged women with animal-like power suits entitled the Beauty and the Beast Unit, lead by Screaming Mantis. Although technically a separate unit from the five PMCs that make up Outer Heaven, the various members of the BB Corps acted as field commanders for the various PMCs, namely those that shared the same namesake as them. Despite serving Outer Heaven, they could often prove difficult to control, such as when Laughing Octopus commenced wanton slaughter on a group of rebel prisoners, before being stopped by a throwing knife from Vamp, her superior.

Screaming Mantis

METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - All Beauty And Beast Unit. DEFEATED


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