Neels visser and alissa violet

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Neels Visser Answers All The Questions With Alissa Violet!

neels visser and alissa violet

Neels Visser and Alissa Violet, photo by @NeelsVisser1 via Twitter.

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Neels Visser is an American model known for his successful modeling career. Neels has a huge social media fan base with more than 3 million followers on Instagram, more than k followers on Twitter, and more than k followers on Facebook. He completed his school education from the same institute. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get a daily dose of Fitness and Celebrity. You seem to be a big fan of Healthy Celeb. Well, you should already be getting regular emails from us.

Model Neels Visser is no doubt a major heartthrob on social media, especially on Instagram where he has a large following of mostly female fans. Here are 15 facts about Neels Visser that you need to know. His Birthday. Neels Visser was born on September He is currently 18 years old. His Birthplace.

Earning both fame and fortune at a young age is not an easy job. For that, you need to struggle through a long way. Many girls have a massive crush with his icy blue eyes, and mesmerizing smile. He has a sister, Kendall Visser. While Neels was at the school, he developed his interest in the modeling world, but his parents were against it.

Though both of them are pursuing modeling as their career, they are mostly known for their online personas. Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, and Snapchat are only a few online platforms that they have sparkled on. Neels is from Arizona, whereas Alissa was born in Ohio. Though hailing from two very different states in the US, they met in California. They met for the first time around the end of in Los Angeles. Both of them were working on their careers out of the LA at that point.


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Neels Visser and Alissa Violet Interview




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