Jonathan groff and lin manuel miranda

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10 Times Jonathan Groff Melted All Of Our Hearts

jonathan groff and lin manuel miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda Vine Compilation

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On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Lin-Manuel Miranda—bookwriter, lyricist, composer, and star of the Broadway hit musical Hamilton —has already given a matinee performance and served as master of ceremonies for a streetside Ham4Ham show. He is optimistic there will still be time for a nap after talking with this writer and before a second performance of Hamilton in less than two hours. I always try to stay connected to that same impulse. At thirty-five, with Hamilton , Miranda is at the top of the theatre world after only three Broadway musical credits, following his Tony Award-winning In the Heights and his contributions of music and lyrics to Bring It On. He has performed at the White House, and the president has come to see him in New York.

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You bet he has. Twice on video, actually. Exhibit A, where Lin kissed Groffsauce as a birthday present, as ordered by the internet.
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Person B: Hmm? Originally posted by tyrala1. Originally posted by linmnuelmrnda. A birthday present for damnslippyplanet - here is a shameless fluffy, cracky mash-up of two of your favourite things. Enjoy, darling! Will points his finger in the air, waving in the general direction of the music that pipes in through speakers recessed in the walls. Of course Hannibal would have an extravagant sound system built into a safe house.

Jonathan Groff sings 'Satisfied' with Lin-Manuel Miranda for #Ham4All

My celebrity idols are something that I do not talk about very often. But, anyone who is close to me knows that Jonathan Groff holds the key to my heart.

Hamilton: Lin-Manuel Miranda bids farewell to Jonathan Groff after final performance

Sorry, Bey. His first was for originating the lead role opposite Lea Michele in Spring Awakening , a rock musical that was revived this past season with a mix of hearing and deaf actors. ET: This is your second Tony nomination. How does it feel this time around? I taught a class about the Tony Awards at a summer theater camp the year after I graduated from high school.

A shortlist of some of the names that matter in the rap game right now looks something like this: Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap, and Alexander Hamilton. -


VIDEO: Jonathan Groff Duets with Lin-Manuel Miranda for #Ham4All Challenge



15 Photos That Prove Lin-Manuel Miranda And Jonathan Groff's Friendship Can't Be Beat. RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION A bromance that will last forever and.
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