Difference between cozmo and vector

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Anki Cozmo vs Vector – What’s the Difference Between the Robots?

difference between cozmo and vector

Aug 11, What’s the difference between Anki Cozmo and Vector? Find out from this robotics expert and our Cozmo vs Vector comparison chart here. We made a mailing list specific to Cozmo and Vector with updates on activities and how to get the most out of your new robot friend.

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Vector is a fun and intuitive robot. It's a companion that's there to help - you just have to keep thinking of ways it can do this for you. Anki is a company whose products always seem to delight. Overdrive, its push into the racing-set space, was a fun hybrid of Scalextric-style controls and app gaming. While its robot companion Cozmo hit the top of the toy charts, thanks to its charm. But Cozmo was really just a desk toy, with the emphasis on toy. Despite it being able to do a number of things, most people just played games with it and cooed when it made a noise.

Anki's Vector is a big upgrade to last year's surprise hit Cozmo but he's still, ultimately, just a toy. He has an OLED display upfront used to display facial expressions and interact with his owners. Articulating arms flank the robot and join up at the front allowing Vector to move and lift items like a tiny forklift truck, while a pair of tiny rubber tank tracks provide the means for Vector to bimble around. Ostensibly, Vector can perform a similar manner of tasks to Cozmo, too. He can recognise faces and animals, play games and manipulate objects with his spindly arms. He also has facial expressions and body motions developed with the help of former Pixar animators, helping him to be just as charming as his older brother.

By keith. Anki Cozmo Vs Vector. Find out from this robotics expert and our Cozmo vs Vector comparison chart here. Oh, one more thing. News is still breaking. Every day we learn something new.

Anki Vector Review

Remember Anki Cozmo from ? Cozmo now has a new sibling; the Anki Vector boasts a bigger brain and even greater potential. - Vector is the new robot from consumer robotics company Anki. It follows on from the hugely successful Cozmo, with a lot of similarities aesthetically.



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