Rock and roll car wash

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Rock & Roll Car Wash

rock and roll car wash

Carwash Rock

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You have to love car washing to do it right. Most successful operators pour their heart and soul into their washes to them it is more than a business, it is their identity. The wash has grown sales by over 60 percent since opening its doors a little more than a year ago, and continues to grow its customer base with each passing day. When McKenna and his partners took over the wash it was in poor working order. The once well-regarded site had been neglected by an absentee owner for the past 12 years and was in dire need of a renovation and rebranding. McKenna, drawing on his 27 years in the car wash business, understood what needed to be done to resurrect the wash, but knew it was not going to be easy. McKenna wanted to do more than just restore the wash, he wanted to make a statement and build an over-the-top tribute to his two loves: car washing and rock music.

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One of the greatest advantages for any restaurant along the California coast is an. The lines on a global map change occasionally, the names more frequently, but the. Read about it. Write about it. Photo by Randy Angel. The brainchild of Ken Crow and Chris McKenna, Rock-n-Roll Carwash offers fun and friendly experience in full-service car washing and detailing complete with nostalgic decor and music.

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