Tc helicon voicelive play vocal effects and harmony pedal review

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The 10 Best Vocal Processors of 2019

tc helicon voicelive play vocal effects and harmony pedal review

Perfect Vocals in a Pedal. Guitar players get to enhance their tone and sound with effects pedals, why shouldn't vocalists? Now you can have studio-grade EQ .

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Features like over song and artist inspired presets, the ability to plug in an MP3 player and sing along with your favorite tracks using Vocal Cancel, and embedded mics to automatically find the right harmony for the song make the VoiceLive Play an incredible piece! TC Helicon VoiceLive Play gives singers the opportunity to experience the sound they know and love from their favorite songs with ease. Featuring automatic backing harmonies, vocal double tracking, pristine EQ and compression, lush reverbs, hard-tuned robo-voice and much more! The Genre button allows you to easily browse hundreds of presets. Should you want to create your own presets, the VoiceLive Play processor offers the simple and intuitive onboard controls to do so.

I also got a GTX since this one was so superb But from here on out I have all I need. Truly Remarkable! The Voice Live Play has exceeded my expectations. So versatile, sounds excellent! Happy to have this in my pedal collection. Our singer has always had "pedal envy" with the guitarist ;- No more I've got years of studio and live experience and this thing is wonderful.

Are you looking for the best vocal effects pedals and vocal processors for live performance and recording in ? These effects are often used by artists, live on stage, to emulate the studio-version of a particular song. Although vocal effects processors are used in a studio environment, to add an effect to an existing vocal take, they are more often used in a live performance environment. Being a singer myself, I realise that other singers will have different vocal requirements for what they want in a vocal processor. So you can get the most usability for your buck! Therefore, if you are looking for a pedal that only offers a specific feature, please take a look at the following articles featured below, otherwise, enjoy!

This guide is supported by Sweetwater and contains links to their product pages, however the recommendations below have been made independently by us at Gearank. Vocal effects pedals and processors continue to be in demand, thanks to improvements in smart harmony and pitch correction technology that are now useful on stage. Here we feature current market favorites, updated for , covering pedals and tabletop vocal processors that are meant for live performance use. They serve you much like a team of virtual sound engineers, vocal coaches and backup singers, all packed in one unit. Below are the processors that garnered top ratings and recommendations from users and experts alike, covering everything from multi-featured processors to compact single pedal size units. With the success of the TC Electronic Ditto looper pedal for guitar, it's only natural for their sister company, TC Helicon, to cash in on the hype with their own take. Sporting just a single loop level knob and two footswitches, it doesn't take long to master its controls, which include record, play, stop, erase, undo and overdub.

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Top 5 Best Vocal Effects Pedals & Processors (2019 Review)

The VoiceLive Play offers powerful vocal processing with simple footpedal control. TC Helicon, who specialise in vocal processing, offer products in a variety of formats. - With the multitude of products out in the market, you can spend weeks deciding which one is the right fit for you.

The Best Vocal Effects Pedal | Harmonizer Reviews for 2019

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