Adventure time horse and ball

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Adventure Time with Finn & Jake s08e05 Episode Script

adventure time horse and ball

James Baxter takes his turn to showcase his backstory through an interesting collage of flashbacks brought on by his famous Ball being popped.

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Sign in. See the list. Title: Horse and Ball 26 Jan James Baxter takes his turn to showcase his backstory through an interesting collage of flashbacks brought on by his famous Ball being popped. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial.

Much like his first go around, James Baxter is voiced and animated by the great animator James Baxter. For the original promo, Pendleton Ward linked to an interview Baxter gave with The Animation Podcast , which is worth reposting. According to production legend, Ward attended a lecture from Baxter way back when he was at CalArts and someone in the audience suggested that Baxter draw a horse on a beach ball. The visual never left Ward and when he got his own show, he was undoubtedly looking for the chance to incorporate that in here. In this one, James Baxter is cheering up a group of mole people saddened because one of their elders is dying. The rug is almost literally pulled out from under James Baxter and no one quite knows what to do. James Baxter spends so much of the episode despondent.

If you recall what I thought about that episode, I found it to be decent. Not one of the more memorable or funnier season five episodes, but a light and silly romp with sequences of stellar animation and a lot of heart in its subtext. The humor is sharper and more cohesive, and I actually find it to be an even more interesting exploration of the creative process than its prequel episode. James Baxter, the character, has a pretty interesting role in this episode. He had left his old life, and corporate America or, in this case, corporate Ooo , and chose to start anew. Almost immediately in that process, he had unintentionally become an entertainer through the mere process of trying to cheer up a tearful bat, of which essentially becomes his entire life.

James Baxter the Horse

Horse and Ball

James Baxter or Ja-a-a-a-a-a-ames, Baxterrrrrrrrrrrr! Adventure Time is set in the magical land of Ooo, and we follow the crazy adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human as they foil the plans of the not-quite-really-evil Ice King. Not so much fighting evil as it is pest control services. And I can say quite confidently that only in a land like Ooo could a character like James Baxter exist. James Baxter makes his first appearance in Adventure Time in season five, in the nineteenth episode, to be precise. Then, suddenly, James Baxter appears!

When disaster befalls James Baxter, it's up to Finn and Jake to help him pick up the pieces. The ever-cheerful James Baxter makes a visit to a somber mole people gathering one morning, cheering up an elderly mole person before his impending death as well as his grieving children. The elderly mole person thanks James Baxter for letting him go a happy man, before exploding. To everyone's horror, James' beach ball is impacted by the explosion, and becomes torn. The mole children start weeping again as they collect their elder's parts. James looks unsettled as he registers what has just happened. Jake quickly transforms into a ball so James can ride him, but the horse is paralyzed in shock and is unable to continue with his act.

Earlier today, The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists announced that it was moving the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight, leaving the world two and half minutes away from catastrophe. James Baxter is here to wash away all the bad feelings! I rejoiced along with everyone else on the screen, and then the ball popped. Losing his means of artistic expression sends James Baxter down a spiral of depression, forcing Finn, Jake, and BMO into panic mode as they try to find a way to get James Baxter back to his former self. The stakes are huge, and without James Baxter, there will be no happiness in Ooo. This episode makes the argument that artists are largely responsible for bringing pleasure to the world, and that message feels very important in a time when the U. The Trump administration has already threatened to defund the National Endowment for the Arts even though it accounts for a tiny fraction of the national budget, and without support from organizations like the NEA, artists are going to suffer.


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  1. Read transcript "Horse and Ball" is the eighteenth episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. When disaster befalls James Baxter, it's up to Finn and Jake to help him pick up the pieces. Excited, Finn, Jake and BMO run out of the Tree Fort to see James, too.

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