Black seed oil and honey

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Benefits of black seed oil

black seed oil and honey

Studies suggest that this oil may offer many health and cosmetic benefits, such as aiding weight loss, improving skin conditions, and even treating cancer and diabetes. In this article, we look at the science behind black seed oil's benefits and explore the possible side effects.


Nigella sativa is a small flowering shrub with purple or white-tinged flowers that grows in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and western Asia. While it may look unsuspecting, the shrub produces fruits that have tiny black seeds. These black seeds have been used in remedies for thousands of years. Black seed oil has been shown to have antioxidant properties. These can help relieve inflammation inside the body and on the skin.

Produced naturally in New Zealand as a natural consequence of the pollination of the indigenous Manuka bush, this honey is one of the most amazing and nutrient rich varieties in existence. Back then, thousands of years ago, this ancient race was fully aware of just how advantageous its consumption was. Much the same can be said for Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil, which has been used in the East for centuries, as a treatment for as many as, if not more illnesses and conditions than Manuka Honey. The oil is created from the Nigella Sativa plant, native to India, Asia and parts of Europe and it is known to contain a powerful antioxidant called Thymoquinone, which is even able to be used in the treatment and prevention of free radicals that can lead to cancer. Far from being coincidental, this is just an illustration that the report benefits of the oil are true.

Review on Clinical Trials of Black Seed (Nigella sativa ) and Its Active Constituent, Thymoquinone

Nigella sativa black seed or black cumin , which belongs to the Ranunculacea family, is an annual herb with many pharmacological properties. Among its many active constituents, thymoquinone TQ is the most abundant constituent of the volatile oil of Nigella sativa N. - For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

The Advantages of Black Seed Honey

Perkins also has extensive experience working in home health with medically fragile pediatric patients. Drizzling a little honey on your cereal may be a sweet alternative to refined sugar. Adding oil from black seed, also known as nigella, black cumin or black caraway, to your honey may further increase the health benefits. Both honey and black seed have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, although most studies showing these effects have been conducted on animals, not people. While black seed honey provides a sweet treat, don't use it to treat a health condition without your doctor's approval. Honey contains numerous polyphenols, plant substances with possible health benefits.





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