Wood and ice body sculpting

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wood and ice body sculpting


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Many of us are hitting the gym and following weight-loss tips to feel confident and fit for next summer. That being said, Sculptice is such a unique procedure, which creates some misconceptions about the process. Sculptice is not like other fat removal procedures. It is the easiest procedure to fit into your busy schedule. While everyone is different, most people numb mins into the treatment. But all of these are minor feelings that go away after only 25 minutes!

The wood therapy helps with the breakdown of fat so that it can be eliminated through the lymphatic system, removes toxins and stimulates collagen naturally. With the combination of PureSculpt Ice you help oxygenate the skin, promoting the creation of new cells, increasing circulation, firming and freeing skin of bacteria and impurities. A skin firming, slimming and cellulite blasting treatment. We start off with the WoodSculpting tools to activate the lymphatic system. These unique Wood Tools are designed to also contour the body, reduce cellulite, tone the skin and help with blood circulation.

I like to think I have realistic goals when it comes to my bikini body: Emily Ratajkowski. What makes the treatment so desirable is how non-invasive it is: The combo of wooden tools and ice is said to minimize cellulite, beat bloat and tone skin by boosting blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system. Plus—get this—it apparently shrinks fat cells. Just as I acclimate to the uniform, Katie informs me there will be gulp before-and-after photos taken to document the immediate results. To get through this harrowing moment, I try to focus on the potential gains. My target areas are the backs of my thighs and my belly, and Katie gets straight to it. This is the part known as cold-induced thermogenesis—fat cells are burned as your body attempts to regulate its temperature.

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This treatment is an alternative practice that helps you slim down and reduce inches through the application of ice on the body. Applying this ice allows the body to detox the skin and activate circulation to help reduce body mass and gives a natural lift to improve appearance. The ice therapy revolution started in South America, designed to reduce sizes and sculpt the body without the need to take any medication or have invasive surgery. The application is based on the ice being applied in different parts of the body to reduce, slim, tone, and sculpt the face and body. It seems impossible that ice can reduce sizes, reduce cellulite, tone, and nourish the skin. When we burn calories, many associate the loss of extra weight and fat with the heat: sweating, saunas, wraps, exercise, etc. However, ice therapy, in specific areas can be very effective in reducing sizes, firming skin, and enhancing skin tissue.

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Wood therapy has evolved from using rough wood tools for more therapeutic purposes to smooth wood tools used for aesthetics. In the 90s the country of Colombia perfected the tools to a smoother finish and developed unique technique for many kinds of therapies. -







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