Blue heeler and lab mix

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Lab Blue Heeler Mix Facts

blue heeler and lab mix

Blue heeler/pitbull/lab mix growth from 10 weeks to 3 months

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Share cute pictures of your pet dog. Did You Know? The Labraheeler belongs to both herding and sporting categories. Labrador retriever mixes are among the cutest mix breeds. One such hybrid is the Labraheeler. It is not a purebred dog. Blue Heelers are herding dogs, while Labrador Retrievers are sporting dogs.

Also known as the Labraheeler, this mixed breed combines two loyal, intelligent, and extremely active dogs. The best way to determine what Blue Heeler Lab mix puppies will be like is to take a closer look at both parent breeds. A purebred dog is the offspring of two dogs of the same breed with a documented pedigree. This creates puppies that are consistent in terms of appearance and temperament. The problem with pedigree pups is that restricting the gene pool leads to some serious genetic disorders.

This is certainly a case of two opposite breeds coming together to form one attractive mix. To understand the success of the Blue Heeler Lab mix, one must understand the solid histories of its foundational breeds. Shortly after, the Labrador Retriever made its appearance in the United States of America and grew in popularity with farmers and hunters. In , the Labrador Retriever was ranked the most popular breed in America by the American Kennel Club, and it has stayed at the top of that chart ever since—and for good reason too. Labs are renowned for their easy going and cheerful disposition.

One of the more interesting designer dog breeds to surface in the last decade is the Labrador Retriever and Blue Heeler hybrid. This crossbreed has some unique characteristics that makes it a good choice for active families, farms and ranches. This guide takes an in depth look at the Lab and Blue Heeler mix, followed by some information on both parent breeds. If you are looking to add a Labraheeler to your pack, be sure to stay tuned for our decision guide, tucked in at the end of this page. The Labraheeler has been blessed with two parent breeds known for being intelligent and easy to train. Likewise, both are known to become unruly and destructive if not given proper leadership as well as mental and physical stimulation.

Blue Heeler Lab Mix – Everything You Need To Know About This Clever Hybrid

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This mix combines the outgoing friendliness of the Labrador Retriever with the tenacity of the Blue Heeler. To learn about the debate over purebreds versus mixed breeds, visit this page. A mixed breed dog can take after either parent, so look at the characteristics of each parent breed. So they needed good herding dogs for raising cattle. Thus, stockmen started breeding a quieter herding dog that could work in that hot, rough climate.

Get the very latest training tips, techniques, dog nutritional advices, product reviews delivered to your inbox Trust us There are very few dogs that are more familiar or well loved than the Labrador. This is a well known, well loved family pet that does well with many families. It is smart, docile and fun to be around. Many breeders like to add these traits to those of other dogs for the perfect hybrid. This either sharpens up the Lab for different roles, or softens up a working dog.

But one things for sure, the Blue Heeler Lab mix will show traits such as being strong, energetic, and lovable. Mixing the two breeds can sometimes be unpredictable, but knowing a little bit of their individual personalities can help you understand them better. The Blue heeler are good herding dogs, which can withstand hot and rough climate. Labrador Retrievers show amazing personality traits like being mellow and its eagerness to please its owner. Not for persons or families who live a sedentary lifestyle. Both Labrador and Blue Heeler are known to be active dogs. They enjoy working, and Blue Heelers are most especially known for being active dogs because of their herding instinct.

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