What can i give my 16 month old for allergies

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Safe Over-the-Counter Allergy Medicine for Toddlers

what can i give my 16 month old for allergies

Allergy Testing For Kids

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Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Summer sniffles, sneezes and streaming eyes are most common in older children, from the age of about seven. But some of us get struck with hay fever even as babies. If you suspect your little one is suffering from summer allergies, take a look at our complete guide, from identifying hay fever to banishing symptoms for good.

Lucy Hoff started writing in during her undergraduate studies. Lucy earned her Doctor of Pharmacy in from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Trying to find the right over-the-counter medication to ease your toddler's allergy symptoms is often a daunting task. There seem to be a million choices: stuffy nose relief, runny nose relief, cough or any combination of these.

A baby's first sniffles can be scary and confusing, especially when everyone from the nurse at your pediatrician's office to your mother-in-law spouts conflicting opinions. Most of the time symptoms like runny nose, rash, upset stomach , or crankiness especially if they're short-lived are the result of a cold or another passing ailment. However, in some cases the cause is allergies. When baby has an allergic reaction, it's the result of an inappropriate response by his immune system. The immune system is programmed to fight off illness, but sometimes it reacts to a harmless substance, like pollen, as if it were an invading parasite, virus, or bacteria.

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. Exclusive breastfeeding or first infant formula is recommended for around the first 6 months of life. If your baby has a cow's milk allergy and is not being breastfed, talk to your GP about what kind of formula to give your baby. Pregnant or breastfeeding women don't need to avoid foods that can trigger allergic reactions including peanuts , unless you're allergic to them. If your baby already has an allergy such as a diagnosed food allergy or eczema, or if you have a family history of food allergies, eczema, asthma or hay-fever, you may need to be particularly careful when introducing foods, so talk to your GP or health visitor first.

The good news: Your tot doesn't have to suffer in order to spend a fun day in the park or backyard. The right medications can help him feel better so he can soak up the sun and fresh air comfortably. Always consult your pediatrician before using any medicine on your little one, however. Here, the three most common types of allergy medications for children:. While there is no cure for seasonal allergies, medications can minimize the frustrating symptoms and many of them are safe for kids. Always talk with your pediatrician or allergist before offering any treatments to your child even those available over the counter to determine the correct medication and dosage for his age, height and weight; for some medications, toddlers and younger kids may need to take half doses. Keep in mind that allergy medications are usually only recommended for little ones ages 6 months or older and environmental allergies are rare among babies in their first year anyway.

What to Expect When Your Baby Has Allergies

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  1. Many things can make babies and toddlers cough, sneeze, or have hives. Give your baby only breast milk until he's 6 months old. It can make.

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