I can t i have rehearsal

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TSHIRT: I Can't, I Have Rehearsal

i can t i have rehearsal

Hayddn- I can't Fall (LIVE rehearsal Room)

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Get in touch: or Molly ThePreparedPerformer. I had a shirt with this saying printed on the front when I was in High School…and it was definitely a saying I was all too familiar with at the time. The life of a theater kid or adult for that matter consists of rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal! I was so jazzed to come to rehearsal on Monday morning at am! I am always excited to see the passion and drive for performing still alive in kids! Most of these kids could have been at the beach or a BBQ or just relaxing at home on their day off. But instead, they were practicing and learning and working hard, together as an ensemble, to make their show fantastic!

Sometimes having rehearsal for a show can be the best thing in the world. Sometimes it can be the absolute worst. But either way, this theatre geek t shirt is a great excuse to get out of things you don't want to do! And sometimes the things you DO want to do. Click here to view the complete size guide for all clothing styles. Labor Day Sale!

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Watch now. For a select few, the high school musical is sacred. But first, they have to get their shows off the ground.


Women's T-Shirt - I Can't, I Have Rehearsal


I Can’t… I Have Rehearsal


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  1. Every person who has done theater can relate to the feeling of having to say "I'm sorry, I'm busy, I have rehearsal!

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