How much does fast and furious spend on cars

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Check Out The Prices Of Your Favorite Fast and Furious Cars

how much does fast and furious spend on cars

The total cost of damage in the 'Fast and Furious' movies is over Universal "The Fate of the Furious," the much-awaited eighth installment of the "Fast & Furious" Here's the damage to all the cars, categorized by the type of.

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In List Articles. The action was great, the cast legendary but it was the cars that stole the show. It is therefore quite normal for a petrolhead to wonder how much the Dodge Charger Vin Diesel rode in the movie and the rest of the Fast and Furious Cars actually cost. If you harbor dreams of owning any of these tuned sports monsters, better keep in mind that the cars have a much higher price tag than their original versions. Who would forget the car when it was the first Evo VII featured in the movie? The exercise took the automakers around 2 years.

Dom Vin Diesel is the hero responsible for the most cost of damage:. Insure the Gap. Insure the Gap Here's a breakdown of the number of items damaged in each movie. Finally, this chart shows the cost of damage for each movie. And it doesn't look like the Furious Fam will stop destroying things that cost millions of dollars any time soon:. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Will the Fast and Furious movie ever slow down? Apparently not in its latest film, the Fate of the Furious. And their utter, pitiless destruction that make us cringe from time to time. He also added that the New York sequence alone used up around cars during filming, which is way, over-the-top insane. These are just some of the more interesting cars used in the Furious 8.

The Number of Cars Used in the Fast and Furious 8 is INSANE

Here’s How Many Cars the Fast and Furious Franchise Destroyed

But how much has the swath of destruction Dom Toretto and company have carved through the past seven movies actually cost? British firm Insure the Gap decided to find out, watching all seven movies and even calling in a classic-car consultant to evaluate some of the more high-profile car casualties. A supercar from the United Arab Emirates with a claimed mph top speed, the Hypersport was destroyed in Furious 7 in a scene where it was jumped between two skyscrapers. The third movie, Tokyo Drift , focused more on racing and consequently had a lower damage toll. But things changed with Fast 5 , when the series started to focus more on heists and stunts than cars. Trailers have already shown shenanigans involving a submarine and a swarm of autonomous cars controlled by Charlize Theron. This is going to be expensive.

But the movies have stuck to two core values — family, and wrecking cars. As this graphic from Confused. Combined, the seven movies have crashed, smashed, exploded, ignited, crushed and otherwise wrecked a massive 1, cars. So how can The Fate of the Furious top that? Well, the trailers for the movie show the destruction of 97 cars.





'Furious 7' featured the franchise's most expensive car destroyed so far: a Lykan Hypersport by W Motors, valued at $ million. According to insurance company, the damage done onscreen through the stunts of the Universal street-racing franchise would total more.
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  1. It didn't take very long for the series to spin out to an all-consuming blockbuster series that found itself levelling major metropolitan areas, but then solid structures were never going to be safe once you got The Rock, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham near them.

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