Where does joel osteen live

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where does joel osteen live

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My friends and family poke fun at me when I say that I'm a fan of Joel Osteen. But spend 10 minutes watching him on TV and you'll see why I'm a fan. He's a fantastic communicator and an expert speaker. He's inspiring. His message of faith, hope, and optimism is one that's relevant to everyone, regardless of their denomination. And yes, darn it, he's rich and successful.

Joel Osteen is a well-known televangelist, preacher and best-selling author from Houston, Texas. He is mostly recognized for being one of the senior pastors at the largest Protestant church in America, Lakewood Church. His live sermons are streamed to an average of 20 million people on a monthly basis. Before he began preaching himself, he spent a lot of time working behind the scenes at Lakewood Church. When Joel took over, the membership of the church grew as thousands of people were keen to hear his unique thoughts on Christianity.

He is an author of many books, seven of which are New York Time Best Sellers and his televised sermons capture more than 7 million viewers per week and 20 million every month around the worldwide. After he finished high school in the city of Humble, in , Osteen enroled in Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma to study radio and television communications. For 17 years until January , Osteen has been comfortable behind the camera rather than preaching on the stage. Osteen has been eluding the idea of taking the church stage despite encouragement by his father to do so. But it was inevitable after the Lakewood Church founder suddenly died of a heart attack. So far, Lakewood Church services are televised in over countries while Osteen is dubbed one of the most fascinating and inspirational pastors and author by prominent persons like Barbara Walters and former presidential candidate John McCain. He emphasizes the power of love with a positive attitude.


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  1. The Osteens reach millions of viewers through weekly televised services at Houston-based Lakewood Church, which has at least 40, members, as well as Joel's best-selling books, worship events and radio show.

  2. Joel Scott Osteen born March 5, [2] is an American pastor , televangelist , and author , based in Houston, Texas.

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