Open mic stand up nyc

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Stand Up NY

open mic stand up nyc

53rd Open Mic Stand Up Set

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For me personally, the mics that I feel are worth going to are the ones that are the closest approximation to a real show — i. For a very comprehensive list of all the open mics in the NYC area and some other cities too you can go to www. And because things can change in a New York minute, always double check to make sure a mic I mention is still running before you shlep on over! Hi Jocelyn, you used to run mics as well. And encouraged other comics to give feedback i. Although it is tough to take.

Stop into Stand Up NY Monday through Friday 5pm-7pm for Open Mic where you can perform on our stage. Five dollars gets you FIVE minutes of performance.
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It takes a special kind of masochist to willingly endure the horrors of performing stand-up at New York City open mikes. On any given night, there are dozens of open mikes in the five boroughs. They are often in basements and back rooms, tucked out of sight, and there is no compensation. The open mikes draw comedians of all experience levels, and many do more than one per night, testing whether a joke should be nurtured or laid to rest. The material features a wide collection of topics: heartbreak, the mundane, race, gender, heartbreak, religion, more heartbreak.

The Laughing Buddha Comedy Open Mics are widely recognized for their supportive vibe and quality stage time, giving you a chance to work out new material or polish your act. It is always best to reserve or pre-pay to guarantee your spot. Priority goes to comics with guests, Bonus Mic Chips, and those enrolled in classes. Eastville Downtown Brooklyn Atlantic Ave. Our Open Mics invite comics to work out their material in a supportive environment. There are no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges for pre paid mics.

Best Comedy Open Mics in New York City

The best open mic nights in NYC

Open mics have been described to me as scrimmages for the non-athletic: play rehearsals used to practice and improve before a real game paid gigs. They are where you go to find your sea legs as a comedian, dump out your ideas, and fine-tune them before a show with an actual audience expecting to laugh. They are essential for any comedian starting out. The problem? Open mics in most U. The crowd can be homogenous and unhappy to see you or anyone new, especially a non-white dude try stand-up comedy. Sign Up: Bucket The first 5 to arrive get to perform in the first group.

But trust us: The trek is worth it. He even offers an open mic downstairs if you want to get in on the action. The Peep Show Open Mic recurs weekly, providing a platform for up-and-coming comedians every Wednesday night at 7pm. Get there early to sign up; the space is small and fills up fast. After many years in Chelsea, this improv and sketch theater moved crosstown to a dramatic east-side location with a warm mainstage proscenium stage, a black box in the basement and an inviting bar. Cheap shows, open mics and free jams keep the crowds young and lively. This coffee-shop-like venue in Astoria hosts everything from comedy shows and open mics to classes, poetry readings and more.

Open mics in New York City that won’t destroy you, probably





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