Best way to catch redfish

How to Catch Redfish From a Kayak

best way to catch redfish

Lots of anglers want to know just how do we catch redfish. may be the biggest reds you will find, and they may be the easiest to catch as well.

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Named for their copper-colored bodies, the redfish also have one or more black spots just before their tail fin. Redfish are considered a warm-temperature and tropical saltwater fish regardless of habitat because of their jaw structure, thereby placing them in the same category as stingray and catfish. Edible up to about 15 pounds, redfish flesh becomes strong tasting and coarse at heavier weights. The trophy fish can weigh up to 90 pounds and be greater than 36 inches long. Declared a "restricted species" in , the fish, which can live up to 45 or 50 years, have made a comeback.

Redfish can be caught with a variety of tackle, depending on where you are fishing for them and what size fish you are pursuing. You can use anything from ultra-light gear for "puppy" drum in estuaries and at river mouths to large conventional reels for trolling baits with a heavy downrigger for big "bull" drum. Redfish caught inshore are generally smaller than those caught offshore, and oftentimes are caught in shallower water as well. Tackle can be scaled down accordingly. An ultra-light, light, or medium-light rod is usually sufficient for redfish caught inshore, the two exceptions being in the fall around passes where you will want to scale-up your tackle to handle the bull reds; and trolling typically requires heavier gear, unless done at very slow speeds more of a controlled drift than trolling. A reel with spooled with yards of 10 lb test is perfect for inshore fishing. A good drag is always important, as is good quality line.

How To Catch Any Fish. Bluegill Crappie Central American Cichlids. How To Videos. The author's largest Redfish to date, caught on a live croaker in Galveston, Texas. They are a hardy fish that can withstand a wide range of temperatures and environments.

Lots of anglers want to know just how do we catch redfish. Up and down the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico , catching redfish is a major fishing activity. These tips and baits can help you find that monster red you are pursuing. Redfish, known in some parts as red drum, channel bass, or red bass, are relatively easy to catch once they have been located. So, the first part of our discussion needs to center around how to find them!

Top 3 Redfish Fishing Techniques

How to Catch Redfish

While growing up in central Florida as a die-hard bass addict, I never thought any other type of fishing would compare to an early morning out on the lake with my favorite topwater lure tied on the line…. However, that quickly changed once I was introduced to inshore fishing and hooked into my first topwater redfish! Me posing with little Otis on one of his very first fishing trips… he only fell in once that trip:. Out of all the core needs in consistently catching redfish, being able to properly assess an area for feeding fish is by far the most important. The fisherman who puts himself or herself in front of the most redfish the most consistently will be the angler to catch the most redfish the most consistently.

Their primary inshore food sources are small crustaceans like crabs and shrimp, so large shrimp are also an excellent option. Since redfish make a living off of eating small crabs, they rarely refuse a large soft chunk of protein like cut bait. - Come and experience the excitement of Salt Water Fishing for these big brutes with. Fishing for Redfish is where you'll learn what good line quality and proper drag settings really mean.

How To Catch Redfish Like A Pro [3 Shortcuts To Success]

Summertime Flounder Fishing at Atlantic Beach. Just remember that we have a slot limit on redfish — they have to be in the slot of 18 to 27 inches in length and you can keep only one slot redfish per person, per day. As we get into October the water is cooling off from the hot summer months. Most of the fish you will catch will be from 18 to 34 inches in length. One reason the fishing in October is so good is there is just so much bait around. There are finger mullet, menhaden, shrimp and crabs, all of which are very appealing to reds. As the water gets colder, the bait will move out to the ocean waters and the redfish know that.

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  1. Redfish are one of the most sought after inshore species and are an ideal target for kayak fishermen.

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