Did ohio vote for trump

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Trump will visit Ohio. Do Ohioans still like him? Not as much as they used to

did ohio vote for trump

The United States presidential election in Ohio was held on November 8, , as part of Ohio was won by Donald Trump by a margin of points.

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Barack Obama Democratic. Donald Trump Republican. The United States presidential election in Ohio was held on November 8, , as part of the General Election in which all 50 states plus the District of Columbia participated. Presidential primary elections for three parties were also held in Ohio, concurrently with Florida , Illinois , Missouri and North Carolina on March 15, In the Democratic primary , delegates were awarded proportionally in a modified primary which was won by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the Republican primary , John Kasich , the state's incumbent governor, won all of the state's 66 delegates. Ohio was won by Donald Trump by a margin of 8.

Race Preview: Ohio, a competitive state with 18 electoral votes, is crucial for Mr. Trump. He had a slight advantage going into Tuesday's.
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By Mark Fahey and Nicholas Wells. Tuesday's presidential election resulted in a riveting series of surprises, as presumed Democratic strongholds including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania switched sides to propel Donald Trump to victory. That national drama was playing out at the county level, too. Places that supported President Obama over Mitt Romney in the election switched their support to Trump — some with hefty margins. As the data came in last night , we saw a clear trend: In almost every county across the nation, Trump's support was stronger than Romney's four years ago. On the Democrats side, another trend emerged: a lot of counties that voted for Obama in still voted for Hillary Clinton this time, but with worse margins.

Bring jobs home! On Wednesday, Trump will travel to a tank facility in Lima, Ohio to highlight his defense spending and raise money for his re-election bid. It's his first visit to Ohio since the midterm elections. Recent polls have shown Trump's popularity continuing to dip in the state he won by eight percentage points in Since taking office in , Trump's net approval rating in Ohio has dropped 19 percentage points, according to non-profit polling firm Morning Consult.

A woman holds her voting sticker in her hand after casting her ballot in Leetonia, Ohio, on Election Day Going back to , the Buckeye State has backed the winning candidate in all but two elections — the best record for any state in recent history. John F. Kennedy in was the last person to win the White House without winning Ohio. Ohioans have gotten used to the political attention their state gets every four years. But recent trends have political insiders questioning whether the state is slowly shedding its swing-state status. And while Democrats were flipping House seats across the country, the partisan makeup of the Ohio delegation remained unchanged.

Has the longtime swing state of Ohio stopped swinging?



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