Best treatment for spider bite

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best treatment for spider bite

Find out which spider bites you can treat yourself and how, as well as which spider bites need to be seen by a doctor right away.

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Your doctor may suspect a spider bite based on your history and your signs and symptoms. The process might involve talking to someone who saw the bite, having an expert identify the spider and ruling out other possible causes of the symptoms. Your doctor may also recommend a tetanus booster shot if you haven't had one in the last five years. You may need antibiotics if the bite becomes infected. If a black widow bite is causing severe pain or life-threatening symptoms, your doctor may recommend antivenom, which may be injected into a thigh muscle or given through a vein intravenously.

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Like bug bites, spider bites are far from desirable. However, spiders are typically just a nuisance. In fact, most of the time, spider bite treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home using natural remedies. While other times, especially if a more threatening type of spider bit you, spider bites can be a lot more serious. Unlike mosquitoes that feed on humans, spiders pretty much only bite us as a defense mechanism because they are either feeling threatened or trapped. First off, your risk of being bitten by a specific type of poisonous spider varies depending upon the state you live in. For example, living in the southwestern United States makes you more likely to come in contact with a black widow.

Worried about the rising reports of spider bites in the UK? There are more than 50, types of spiders in the world. But only a handful of spiders have fangs and venom that can penetrate human skin including the brown recluse spider, hobo spider, camel spider, wolf spider, black widow spider, and banana spider. Most spiders are harmless and will bite only if they feel threatened. But depending on the spider and its victim, spider bites can cause anything from mild itching and redness to a reaction that becomes a medical emergency. It helps to be prepared, and there are a few immediate measures you can take at home before getting yourself to the emergency room, should you think the bite is dangerous. Most spider bites are not poisonous and cause only minor symptoms like red skin, swelling, and pain at the site.

First Aid: Spider Bites

How to Identify and Treat Spider Bites

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Spiders want to avoid people as much as we want to avoid them, but when they feel threatened, spiders will bite. In many cases, spider bites can be treated at home. Although every species of spider injects venom through their fangs to paralyze their prey, most spider venom is not strong enough to act as toxin in humans. Some spider venom is toxic to people, however, and can definitely be dangerous. In the United States, recluse and widow spiders pose the greatest threat. If you are bitten by a species of spider with less toxic venom, home remedies for spider bites can minimize pain and discomfort, and speed up healing.

Even if most spiders did bite, their fangs are too small or weak to puncture human skin. Their bites may leave itchy, red wounds that heal within a week or so. The spiders that do manage to bite through our skin and insert toxic venom can cause serious health complications. Read on to learn what spider bites look like, what spider varieties leave certain bites, and how to treat spider bites. Spider bites often take longer to heal than other insect bites, and they may affect skin tissues.




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