Never be enough for me

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Soundtracks - Never Enough lyrics

never be enough for me

'Never Enough' is the ear-wormy pop ballad which helped The Greatest Showman become the UK's Never be enough for me. See the full.

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The Greatest Showman has become one of the most successful musical movies of all time. Many of its songs have become hits around the world, including the power ballad 'Never Enough'. But what is the song and the film it comes from about and who sings it? Here's all the important facts Its soundtrack proved particularly popular in the UK, becoming only the second album in 30 years to achieve 11 consecutive weeks at number one in the main album chart.

Loren Allred was a contestant on The Voice season 3 and was eliminated at the 13th place. Loren Allred was cast as the musical voice of Rebecca Ferguson playing the role of Jenny Lind in the movie. The song takes on the significant moments of the show business, which the movie is based around. She is enjoying a lot of fame and fortune with her musical talents as one of the most famed singers in Europe, but the need never ends. Rebecca Ferguson, despite her singing skills, has resorted to lip syncing to the vocals of Loren Allred in the movie. Also, the song sets the scene to demonstrate the budding relationship between Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler.

Loren Allred - Never Enough Lyrics

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The Story of... 'Never Enough' from The Greatest Showman

If you have been following the movie fanatics you have most likely seen the movie, "The Greatest Showman. There is an iconic opera song personally my favorite in the movie titled "Never Enough. At one point the song goes,. You leave this song broken because deep down a lot of the people in this world are longing for this world to be enough, for them to be enough, for this life to be fulfilling, to find peace and happiness. My friend once told me they just wanted to get to the point where they woke up with a genuine satisfaction, a satisfaction that you don't have to search for. I couldn't help but think, what an impossible task. I'm not sure it's possible to ever wake up like that because we are not of this world.

Play "Never Enough" on Amazon Music. Quite weird but i think about the song from a very different perspective.
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The part in the movie is played by Rebecca Ferguson. Her role in the film is that of Jenny Lind, the Swedish Songbird, the famous opera singer. Barnum stating that all the riches of the world and the stars in the sky would never be enough without his love. Take my hand Will you share this with me? For Jenny Lind life was incomplete without the love of P. She ended up cancelling the U.


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  1. "Never Enough" (from "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack). I'm tryin' to hold my breath. Let it stay this way. Can't let this moment end. You set off a dream in me.

  2. Never Enough Lyrics: I'm trying to hold my breath / Let it stay this way / Can't let this moment end / You set off a dream in me / Gettin' louder now.

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