Hot boyz back that azz up music video

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Juveniles Back That Azz Up Turned 20 And Social Media Exploded

hot boyz back that azz up music video

Juvenile's classic "get everyone in the party hype" song, "Back That Azz Up" is officially 20 years old. How One Song Broke Cultural And Musical Barriers.

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Having come up in the Hot Boys group alongside superstar Lil Wayne, New Orleans rapper Juvenile is a Southern hip-hop veteran, and a chart-topping one as well, having climbed the U. Billboard Hot with his single "Slow Motion. Besides an affiliation with the bounce group U. Both debuts were produced in total by Mannie Fresh, who was back for Juvenile's solo release Degreez, his platinum-selling, breakthrough effort thanks in part to the successful singles "Ha" and "Back That Azz Up. Warlock jumped on the bandwagon that year as well with a remixed version of Being Myself. His album Project English went gold but the rapper would leave the Cash Money label soon after its release, claiming financial mismanagement and forming his own label and management team, UTP.

The group is made up of Lil Wayne , Juvenile , B. Many setbacks have prevented the group from having an official reunion. In , Turk was sentenced to 14 years in prison for second degree attempted murder, slowing down plans for a reunion in Lil Derrick left the group shortly after recording the first album and was killed in The Hot Boys made their first official appearance together on B.

Sign in. The two-time Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo has an awards-worthy list of must-see shows. See if you're caught up on his picks. Watch now. Title: Juvenile Feat. Juvenile performs onstage at an outdoor concert and walks near a fence while women dance at a variety of locations. The video also features Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne.

Juvenile feat. Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh. Moderator Overview Albums 11 Lyrics Home Juvenile Lyrics Albums 11 Lyrics Playlist 4. Girl you working with some ass, yeah, you're bad, yeah Make a nigga spend his cash, yeah, his last, yeah Hoes frown when you pass, yeah, they mad, yeah You gon' ride in the Jag, yeah, with dad, yeah You could smoke or buy a bag, yeah, of grass, yeah Got money I confess, yeah, and trash, yeah I'm a Big Tymer nigga, yeah, pulling trigger, yeah A player hater to flip with, yeah, going head and fill it, yeah I be slanging wood, yeah, out the hood, yeah Let it be understood, yeah, it's all good, yeah Got a nigga screaming large, yeah, on the hard, yeah.

"Back That Azz Up" Lyrics

Teen skate parties were where things went down back in the day. If you wanted a clublike atmosphere, you went skating. If you wanted to be seen, you went skating.

Mannie Fresh Breaks Down The Making Of Juveniles Biggest Hit



Juvenile ft. Lil Wayne ft. Mannie Fresh - Back That Thang Up




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