Home remedies for moles in yard

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The 8 best home remedies to get rid of moles and gophers

home remedies for moles in yard

The good news is that you can get rid of moles using natural methods. Moles live in your yard, and one of the key methods of getting rid of.


There are 6 species of moles living in North America. The most common mole garden pest among them is the Eastern Mole Scalepus acquaticus. Controlling moles in your garden may not be necessary as they are insectivores and do not eat plants. However, their burrowing activities may damage the roots of plants in your garden. Below are 17 home remedies and natural ways to get rid of moles;. If you are looking for a sure way to remove moles from your yard, live traps could be the best option available.

Despite being rarely seen and living underground, moles still manage to cause damage to your yard or garden by creating unsightly piles of mud and soil across your lawn. On the other hand, moles pollute silage [ 1 ] and leave great mounds of soil dotted across your newly tidied garden making them a pest that many people want to be rid of. How to get rid of moles in yard? Before you start looking into our home remedies to get rid of moles, make sure it is these small mammals that you are dealing with. Here is how to be sure that it is moles messy up your yard or garden:. Though moles do not feed on your plants [ 2 ], unlike gophers , they can still affect your plants as their tunneling affects the roots of plants and grass. If you find the troubles caused by moles outweigh their benefits, it is quite natural for you to want them out of your yard.

Just when you have planted a beautiful lawn, you notice lawn ridges that ruin your picturesque setting. Although moles can be good for your lawn by aerating the dirt and eating larvae of destructive insects, they can also kill the grass around the ridges. There are plenty of options you can take before blowing up your lawn. To get rid of moles in your lawn, make a mole repellant using castor oil, dish soap, and water and apply it to your lawn. You can also plant daffodils, marigolds, or alliums in your lawn, which are known to deter moles.

This is enough to make any homeowner go mad but the good news is there are ways to fight the war against moles and gophers, some natural, and some a little aggressive however we have done the research for you to lay your options for you so you can best decide how to fight and win the war against moles and gophers in your yard, sound good? So adding some natural noisemakers such as wind chimes in your yard is a good natural way to annoy these critters enough to leave your lawn. But more on that later. But these critters are deterred by pet waste just as much as humans are, so placing your dog's waste near the entry and exit points of the mole's tunnels is a good way to naturally encourage these varmints to infest your neighbors yard and not yours. Moreover, yet another natural way to fight moles is to strategically install plants throughout the yard that the moles naturally dislike. That said.. You may not know this

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Pest Wiki. Moles are small animals, between 4. These moles eat almost half of their weight in worms per day, so they have a ravenous appetite that they need to satiate. Since moles are in search of worms, they will make underground tunnels where they not only travel, but they will also create chambers where they can sleep at the start or end of a tunnel. Scientists have also observed moles creating their own eating chambers where they will deposit worms for later feeding.

17 Home Remedies & Mole Repellents To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard Fast

If these scenes sound familiar, Alan Huot has some disheartening news for you. Sorry, you have moles in your yard. - A mound of rich, brown dirt overturned in the garden often means there are moles, gophers or a combination of both skittering under ground and destroying your lawn and garden in the process. Moles and gophers do not hibernate like other animals, and therefore must eat all the time to compensate.

How to get rid of moles in your yard




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  1. The 8 best home remedies to get rid of moles and gophers you wake up one day and see gopher or mole tunnels running through the yard.

  2. Moles are an underground wildlife pest that can be tricky to spot and even trickier to get rid of.

  3. 17 Home Remedies & Mole Repellents To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard Fast If you are looking for a sure way to remove moles from your yard, live traps.

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