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Review: Tumbling Doll of Flesh / Niku Daruma (1998)

tumbling doll of flesh real

Tumbling Doll of Flesh Reaction Vid - Part 1

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Directed by Tamakichi Anaru. In the sleazy pit of Japanese direct-to-video roughies, there's a special place reserved for Tamakichi Anaru, an often-bootlegged purveyor of short and not-so-sweet stories of abuse and decadence with an eye for psychedelic '80s effects. Plotless and harrowing, Women's Flesh: My Red Guts charts the descent into madness of a pigtailed housewife who, according to the synopsis, has just been abandoned by her husband. A fair guess, though the film doesn't exactly go into deep psychological detail. Desperate to feel something, she tends to sit on the edge of the bathtub and subject her more delicate bodily areas to a variety of a intruding objects some shown with just enough pixilation to still give you the idea, and be kind of glad that this self-imposed censorship still existed in Japan at the time once you see fake blood spattering in a bathtub.

General Links. Released by underground AV "specialist fetish" production house Aroma Planning on VHS in , directed by notorious AV-horror director Tamakichi 'Anal' Anaru, and much in the same vein as the first two highly reviled Guinea Pig titles, Devil's Experiment and Flower of Flesh and Blood , Niku Daruma aka Tumbling Doll of Flesh , aka Psycho: The Snuff Reels is, without a doubt, harder-core and harsher than both of those two movies combined: only one step up from a real snuff inasmuch as the killing and mutilation are the only parts that aren't real. The rest of the movie, though, camerawork included, looks imaginably authentic, so much so that it would almost surely induce a definite air of claustrophobia and pit-of-the-stomach dread in any viewer not totally desensitised to this kind of genre piece. For a start, the footage we are watching is fairly convincing-looking. The videotape is grainy and third-generation, as these titles often are although it definitely looks much cleaner than Muzan E , and much of it has the look of having been shot on a hand-held camcorder, which it probably was. However, this is no fake snuff title per se: even the introductory sequence has an incidental soundtrack and flashbacks, to once again reassure us - or lull us into a false sense of security - that this is merely entertainment, not real after all. It's almost as though Tamakichi is attempting a softly-softly approach, before slamming the viewer in the face with a sledgehammer of extreme, brutal imagery shot in about as authentic a way as possible.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Title: Tumbling Doll of Flesh Video A female reporter researching underground sex films stumbles across a snuff film, and her further investigation causes the film makers to take action against her. A shell-shocked Vietnam veteran stalks, rapes and murders the rich and beautiful women who frequent his gas station in retaliation for his service in the war.

Tumbling Doll Of Flesh - Niku Daruma (Le monument du porno-gore)

La critique :. A chaque fois, des films toujours plus violents voilent le jour, exacerbant les pulsions les plus primaires d'un spectateur devenu le voyeur de ses propres phobies, de ses propres fantasmes., Robert Downey Jr.

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As you can see, he wrote a far better review of this film than me, but after watching Tumbling Doll of Flesh aka Psycho The Snuff Reels and about eight other titles at 7am, I needed to give my two pence on it. Dave casts Kana and Kiku as his two love birds after interviewing them and presumably not informing them adequately about the intricacies of their roles. From there, the aforementioned porn, torture and death commences. Due to not having access to English subtitles, I did what I usually do and wrote the script in my head it can then be anything you want. However, I was in hysterics watching them making serious jack off material when the bed fucking breaks. Just reminds you of how awkward and unattractive real life sex can be. I genuinely felt a pang of sympathy for Kana, as her tits were compacted and distorted into ropes while everyone in the room had a turn at shoving what looked like carrots and electrical equipment into her arse.

Tumbling Doll of Flesh (1998)

It is widely regarded as one of the most offensive and disgusting films ever to have been produced. Shown almost entirely through a stationary camera, and a handheld one, the film has a woman named Kana and a man named Kiku being hired to star in an amateur porno, being made by two men. As the porn shoot progresses, it incorporates elements of BDSM such as: breast bondage , multiple penetration with dildoes , wax play , flagellation and an enema. Uncomfortable with how rough the film has gotten Kana tries to leave, prompting the director, cameraman and Kiku to knock her out, tie her to a bed and strip her. While Kiku rapes the semi-conscious Kana, the director cuts her left leg off with a meat cleaver, and mutilates her tongue with a knife, potato peeler and shears to stop her screaming. When Kana passes out from the pain, she is injected with drugs to wake her up and keep her conscious. Kana's right arm and remaining leg are severed, and her abdomen is cut open so Kiku can have sex with her innards.



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  2. Tumbling Doll of Flesh (????, "Niku Daruma") is a Japanese pornographic splatter film written and directed by Tamakichi Anaru. It is widely regarded as.

  3. Tumbling Doll of Flesh (Video ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more it was not real after reading the comments. what dangerously sick animals of a.

  4. Kana tries to end her starring role in an abusive porno. For her, the end comes only after she's been reduced to a "Tumbling Doll of Flesh".

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