Objects that look like letters

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Relations among early object recognition skills: Objects and letters

objects that look like letters


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People design fonts all the time but how often is a font actually found or even built in real life? From giant fonts found and photographed in cities and nature to constructed fonts of all types of material, size and scale, here are ten of the most brilliant, unique and innovative physical typeface finds and designs. Rhett Dashwood did something many of us probably wish we had thought of first or had the tenacity to pursue so thoroughly and complete so well. It took months to assemble each of these unique letters searching mile by mile on Google Maps throughout Victoria, Australia, to find significantly crisp, unique and varied land formations and built objects shaped like letters for this collection. Best of all, the list comes complete with the actual locations so you can see these spots for yourself using Google. A closer look at this already cool-looking three-dimensional font by Adam Slowik of Bank Associates reveals that it is not only compelling in physical form above and in abstract rendering below , but each letter is made using only a single shape.

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Maurizio Sergiusti can turn just about anything into art. He intercepts debris otherwise headed for the landfill and recycles it into sculptures that range from fish to Freddy Mercury. He's even made an entire alphabet out of junk, and recently, he not only told Adobe Create the source of the letters the Z incorporates spaghetti tongs! He looked through his collection of broken bits, which he stores in a warehouse behind his home, and found plenty to work with. He left most of the pieces intact, only occasionally cutting them down, and put them together like a typographic puzzle. Sergiusti says that the letter C came from an o-ring for a motorcycle air intake; the M is composed of parts of a game belonging to his son; the N combines motorcycle footrest supports and a "bar of origin unknown to me, found in an illegal dump"; the W is probably a broken trivet "found along a country road Sergiusti brought his analog creation into the digital space by photographing each letter.

The first Google Maps alphabet, featuring all 26 letters, has been created from satellite images of natural features and buildings by Rhett Dashwood, a graphic designer from Australia. Have a nice lunch!
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Human visual object recognition is multifaceted, with several domains of expertise. Developmental relations between young children's letter recognition and their 3-dimensional object recognition abilities are implicated on several grounds but have received little research attention. A relation is predicted because perception of the spatial relations is critical in both domains. Children's success in letter recognition was positively related to their shape caricature recognition scores, but not to their shape bias scores. The results suggest that letter recognition builds upon developing skills in attending to and representing the relational structure of object shape, and that these skills are common to both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional object perception. Letter recognition is studied both in the context of reading skill and as a subdomain of visual object recognition. There have been a large number of studies of young children's letter recognition skills from the perspective of reading readiness e.

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Take a different look at everyday objects and see what numbers and letters you can see in them. If you want an interesting challenge, head out with your camera and search for numbers and letters or better still, objects that look like numbers and letters. You'll be impressed with how many you'll actually find and when they're put together they can make an interesting panel to hang on your wall. All you need is your camera, a good imagination and some decent weather! If you have a door number start with that then take a walk up your street and into your town snapping shop signs, adverts and road signs.

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