How old is theresa caputo

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Why Theresa Caputo's Kids, Larry Jr. and Victoria, Aren't on 'Long Island Medium' as Much Anymore

how old is theresa caputo

What Larry Caputo Has Been Up to Since Divorcing From 'Long Island Medium' Star Theresa Caputo

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In addition to, he has known for Long Island Medium. Therefore, the age of Larry is around sixty two years, 62 as on Moreover, he has run imported food business, but he has sold this business at an age of Furthermore, he has played hockey f or 25 years. In the year , Larry has got married to Theresa Caputo but both of them separated in In addition to, both of them have two children Victoria Caputo and Lawrence Caputo.

Caputo is a reality TV personality who portrays the medium in the TLC show, through which she became famous.
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Though Long Island Medium fans got a few glimpses of Theresa Caputo's ex-husband , Larry, during the latest season, many have been left wondering what the dad-of-two is up to these days. For those curious, here's a snapshot of Larry's new chapter out West:. Career-wise, Larry revealed on his Instagram in August that he was working on creating a new Chianti wine called "Lorenzo Caputo. Other than his wine, Larry seems to be enjoying taking his Harley Davidson up and down the West Coast. Additionally, as evidenced by his many recent selfies, he is spending a lot of time at the gym. Someone asked me the other day I said

The Long Island Medium star got fans buzzing Thursday afternoon when he took to Instagram and shared a photo with his new girlfriend. When one follower commented that she was "so happy you're happy," Larry replied, "Thank you so much. But in true social media fashion, some were not so kind. Real or Fake? Back in December , news broke that Larry and Theresa Caputo had finalized their divorce after 28 years together. The couple shares two children together. In fact, the couple's daughter Victoria Caputo recently got engaged to her boyfriend.

Theresa Caputo's romantic life has seen a lot of shifts in the past year or so. Just in case you missed it, here it is, in a nutshell: After 28 years of marriage with Larry Caputo, the Long Island Medium star announced back in December that their divorce had been finalized. This was after a year-long separation , so, yes — we all saw this coming. The big question now is: Have the former lovebirds, who parted as friends, started seeing other people? For Teresa, it looks like finding a new love is still on her to-do list How's that?

‘Long Island Medium’: Who Is Theresa Caputo’s Ex-Husband, Larry, Dating Now?


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  1. Theresa Caputo is an American medium best known for her TLC reality TV series , Long Island Medium. Contents. 1 Early life; 2 Career; 3 Criticism; 4 Personal.

  2. What Larry Caputo Has Been Up to Since Divorcing From 'Long Island Medium' Star Theresa Caputo

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