How to tie silk saree to look slim

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How To Wear Saree:Trendy Saree Wearing Styles

how to tie silk saree to look slim

5 Gorgeous Ways To Wear Saree With Thin Perfect Pleats To Look Slim-South Indian Style Saree Draping

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We know you love sarees! We start right from how to tie a saree to how to wear saree for a wedding! Read this post and fall in love with the saree all over again! We at Bewakoof believe that sarees are trendy, gorgeous and modern and can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. Wearing a saree is quite uncomplicated! You just need to know the correct saree wearing method to drape any type of saree. The first step to acing any saree style is understanding different styles and drapes.

Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of fabric every time you wear saree? So what do you do?
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Evergreen Collection!!! The traditional Indian signature women ethnic outfit is a saree and while there are women who love to drape sarees every day, there are some who keep it for special occasions. But we bet, every Indian woman has a treasure trove of sarees and there is one special sari that she has the fond memories with. Seamlessly elegant, spectacular designs and flattering figure, a sari can bring back a thousand happy memories and also make you look great in an instant. However, picking a saree that perfectly complements your body types and suits your shape is very important. Here are some of the essential tricks that can help you look slim and tall in a saree.

How to Look Slim In Saree: Ace the Traditional Look

7 Easy Tricks To Look Slim And Tall In A Saree Without Heels

Sarees can be super slimming! Learn how to look slim in saree by following a few points right here. Discover the different draping styles and more right here, right now! Saree is that one Indian traditional element that never fades away, rather this trend is getting hot and hotter with time passing by. Everyone loves a saree, the look and feel of a saree, and every woman loves wearing a saree once in a while. Why is it essential for you to know how to wear a saree to look slim? The answer is right here, folks!

Steps To Drape A Silk Saree Perfectly

You love to wear the Indian saree , are on the healthy side of an average build, but hesitate to wear it more often than you would have liked to. Is it simply because you feel you appear bulkier than you actually do? Quash the idea! Barring the lucky ones who do not put on weight even when they try, the slim-figure models or hardly eating types or those blessed with genes that keep them that way, the average Indian woman can hardly be called thin. When the base garment is fitting, the drape over it automatically gets reduced in its outward flare.

Wearing Silk saree is the easiest way out of your daily boring cotton saree routine. It is nothing over the top, yet brings a whole new level of classy vibe all around. All most maximum number of the women in India wear silk sarees. There are so many styles of wearing the sarees but in that south Indian wearing style is so beautiful than other styles. The beauty of women appears based on the how they wear saree.

Silk saree brings a whole new level of class and elegance when draped properly. There are many variants available in silk sarees such as Pashmina silk, Kanjivaram saree, Paithani silk saree, Nalli silk and more. Silk saree exudes unparalleled grace and looks gorgeous on any occasion. They are the best bet to come out of the boring cotton routine. When it comes to draping saree, silk can be a bit tricky fabric to work with.

Watch other videos on how to wear saree in different styles to look slim and tall . How to Wear South Indian Silk Saree for Wedding - Use a silk saree for this.
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