How much are longchamp bags in duty free

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Longchamp bags

how much are longchamp bags in duty free

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Quick View. Collection page for Longchamp is loaded. Sunglasses Silhouette. Longchamp Ladies Leather Goods. Pens Ballpoint.

Le pliage used to be made in france and some still are. Please dont based on where the bag is made from to determine the bag authenticity theres more things to watch for such as zipper and logo print etc.
500 million won to usd

However we are flying to Paris in October and I'm wondering if I can get that same bag cheaper at the Charles de gaulle duty free. They had them at CDG too, same price, but I don't remember seeing any in the duty-free shop. I actually bought 2 - couldn't decide. What a great deal! Definitely cheaper to buy them in Paris , duty free or not. They seem to be a pretty standard duty free item, but if you may get better selection of colors and sizes in one of the central Paris stores.

I'll visit Paris in April so how much is the longchamp le pliage bag in paris? Where can i get the cheapest rate,shopping mall longchamp boutique at duty free airport factory outlet? The longchamp on sale in Paris was medium, short handle, green color. The also had bright blue, white and yellow on sale. They were on sale in Brussels and the Longchamp store on St. Sadly, I have a feeling they won't be on sale when I'm there in November : Hopefully it's cheaper than here in the US cause I want an excuse to buy a bunch :. I bought the fuchsia eiffel Tower pliage bag for 72 euros today short handle from Longchamp store at rue st honore.

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  1. A poster in the Graffiti section wrote about buying Longchamp bags in the duty free shops in the European airports.

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