How to make a duct tape pocket knife

Duct Tape Projects 101: The Basics to Make Anything

how to make a duct tape pocket knife

How to make a duct tape pocketknife holder

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Duct tape comes in 2-inch-wide rolls and is available in many colors. Carefully stick the adhesive sides of the two duct-tape sheets together, lining up the edges. Use a utility knife or scissors to make a small cut in the center of one end of the duct tape. This will make a smooth, clean finished edge. Fold them over the sides of the wallet, and trim the excess. Trim the strips flush. If you have a photos of a BL Workshop project, please use the form below to send them to us.

There are four basic steps or patterns you need to learn to create creative projects out of duct tape. If you spend some time learning and practicing these, you will spend far less time with dealing with sticky errors and have far less scraps in the trash can. Once you know how to make these, you should be able to follow almost any duct tape pattern or complete any duct tape project. You can design your own patterns on paper and then cut them out of duct tape, allowing you to really get creative with your duct tape projects. Like a piece of paper that is used to create origami, a duct tape fabric sheet is used to form shapes and patterns with duct tape. Duct tape sheets can be purchased, at least in small sizes, but we prefer to make our own.

In this instructable I will show you how to make a knife or tool sheath out of duct tape. These sheaths are very durable and work very well. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Trace it again not overlapping the first tracing. Tape the edges of two pieces of paper together, making a "pocket" for your blade. Keep wrapping this "pocket" up with tape until it becomes a bit more sturdy.

First it was velcro duct tape bracelets , and now Aidan and I have moved on to duct tape wallets. There are a lot of tutorials out there for duct tape wallets, but I thought I would go ahead and share ours since summer break is on the horizon! Both the bracelets and the wallets would make great summer crafts for either boys or girls. Also, I will say that the Superman duct tape made by Scotch was not the same quality as Duck brand tape. Aidan 9. He has been showing off his wallet to everyone! First, tear off 4 strips of duct tape that are 9 inches long.

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So when Walmart asked me to come up with a summer craft to share, I was determined. The key to coming up with a good idea or product really is to solve a problem—so I thought, what problem can I solve with a craft?

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