How to ride the gravitron like a boss

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how to ride the gravitron like a boss

Don't just ride the Gravitron, *Ride the gravitron like a carny. FTFY. level 2. leoselassie. 52 points · 8 years ago. Exactly. Nothing boss about carnies. Nothing .


The Gravitron first appeared at Morey's Piers in and quickly became a fixture at amusement parks in many countries. The ride is completely enclosed, with 48 padded panels lining the inside wall. Riders lean against these panels, which are angled back. As the ride rotates, centrifugal force is exerted against the pads by the rider, removing the rider from the floor, due to the slant. At this speed, the riders are experiencing centrifugal force equivalent to three times the force of gravity.

So you want a Gravitron in your back yard? Daryl Thompson from Virginia already has one but the Board of Zoning Appeals upheld a citation against him over the Gravitron, which determined it was an impermissible commercial vehicle stored on their property. The board was overturned by a Circuit Court judge on a subsequent appeal, however. Jacob Gerri The schoolboy was treated by paramedics and firefighters, and fortunately only had a grazed head and some bruising. He was later taken to hospital. The protective padding on the Gravitron ride seemed to have slipped off, flinging Jacob into the padding, then on the steel framework.

External image. Did you hear the phone when I called? Did you fill the void when I fall? Did you hear the crack when I break? Did you lock the door when it shut? Can you see the knife when it cut? Do you keep your ear to the ground?

I'm Ira Glass. Yeah, we're going-- this is our morning walk into the park. See, everybody will split up into their different sections and get the park open. We'll start putting out prizes, and getting ready We're going to be spending the entire hour today at amusement parks.

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Ride the Gravitron

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Don't just ride the Gravitron,






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  1. Ride the Gravitron like a boss The Funny, Funny Pics, Funny Pictures, That's. Visit The Funny. The favorite ride at the Bellville street fair in Ohio.

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