Boil them mash them stick them in a stew

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boil them mash them stick them in a stew

Boil E'm Mash Them Stick Them In To A Stew - Whats Taters Precious?

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The ten people under her would be doing the food, managing supplies, keeping the common areas clean and whatever else was needed, as needed. Setting up a full kitchen took time, but getting it right was just as important as getting the armory ready. Well, Cooper thought that it was. If people were hungry, they did stupid shit. And there were enough scientists around that the stupid shit could be lethal. Two weeks after setting everything up, Cooper found the time to take a deep breath. Looking around, she spotted one of the sergeants that routinely went out on a gate team and might have the information she needed.

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Potatoes are delicious and good for you and have provided the world with such things as mashed potatoes, fries, and wedges and are far too good to be compared to an evil turd like Dutton and I will not stand for it. It lets me escape into my potato head. I prefer to be called spud, tater, or hash. I always correct them though. I hate the feel of shoes. I always go barefoot. If I had to pick between living without two of bread, potato or rice, I guess I would pick rice and bread.

Translation of "mash them, stick them in a stew" in Polish

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