Woman drives kids into ocean

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Judge denies request from woman accused of driving van into ocean

woman drives kids into ocean

"I'm trying to control her," the sister said, expressing worry about her sister's three children. At first, the plea appeared to pay off: Police caught up to the woman -- later identified as Ebony Wilkerson -- after she sped away from her sister's Daytona Beach apartment.

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A Michigan woman who was with her 9-year-old twin daughters drove a Chevrolet Impala down a boat ramp into a still, murky part of the Kalamazoo River late Monday, the authorities said. All three were found dead. By Tuesday morning, state divers had pulled the last body one of the daughters out of the water. The family wants to know. McClinton had six children. A voice mail message left for Tishyron McClinton was not returned on Wednesday morning.

More News Headlines Mother accused of driving van into ocean appears in court Evaluation sought for mom who drove van into ocean Ebony Wilkerson bonds out of Volusia County jail "It's quite obvious what I'm trying to do is incrementally loosen the restraints, so we can show a track record of her doing well and eventually having her return back to being a mother and going back to her home state of South Carolina," attorney Jay Crocker said. News 6 spoke with Wilkerson, who said the family is devastated by the outcome. She said everyone was in agreement to move forward except for the judge and she doesn't understand why her husband's abusive past is holding them back. Even though he hasn't been charged, he did do domestic violence classes and I also had domestic violence therapy for victims. I don't see why she's holding stuff that happened in the past against us when we already worked on those things," she said. Since January, Wilkerson has been able to visit her husband without supervision, but the judge said it'll take some time before she's comfortable bringing the children into those visits.

Ebony Wilkerson, 32, lives in Cross, S. She was with her three children who are 10, 9, and 3 years old. Harrell said her sister was trying to get away from her allegedly abusive husband. Harrell also worried for her Wilkerson's mental health after Wilkerson reportedly talked about demons in her sister's home. She signed herself out today.

This mom of three took extreme measures to try and take the lives of herself and her children by driving directly into an ocean in Daytona, Florida. What a terrifying sight. A pregnant woman drove her minivan off the road, onto the beach, and directly into the ocean with her three small children in the back. The incident happened on Tuesday, March 4 in Daytona, Florida. Rescuers claim that when they rushed to help the children out of the van, the kids were screaming for help and saying their mommy was trying to kill them. She just sat there and stared blankly ahead without any concern. When two of the small children were pulled from the car they told the rescuers that there was also a baby in the car, which sent them back into the ocean to find the third child.

Sister says mom who drove into ocean was escaping abuse

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Woman Who Drove Kids Into Ocean Reported Rape Days Earlier

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Woman accused of driving kids into ocean denied unsupervised visits with them

By Associated Press. A woman who ended up driving into the ocean while her three young children were strapped in the back of the family minivan, says it was low blood sugar that led to her making a potentially catastrophic decision. Ebony Wilkerson, 32, from South Carolina woman is accused of trying to kill her three children by driving them into the Atlantic Ocean in her car. She has said that she was severely disoriented due to low blood sugar at the time in a motion filed by an attorney representing her. The mother was 28 weeks pregnant when she drove her minivan with her three children inside into the ocean.

A pregnant woman who allegedly drove her vehicle full of children into the ocean is now undergoing a mental health evaluation. Video captures the intense moment when a year-old South Carolina woman and her children were rescued from the ocean in Florida on Tuesday. The children, ages 3, 9, and 10, were screaming that their mother was trying to kill them , according to a witness who spoke to WESH News. Tim Tesseneer told the station he was one of two men to first reach the minivan and rescue the mother and her kids. Video of the events, taken by Canadian tourist Simon Besner, shows lifeguards rushing to the scene as waves crash into the vehicle, sweeping it further into the ocean.

The woman who authorities say drove a minivan into the Atlantic Ocean with her three children inside reported to police three days earlier that her husband raped her in a South Carolina hotel room. The woman, Ebony Wilkerson, has been hospitalized and undergoing mental evaluation since Tuesday, when she apparently steered the van into the water at Daytona Beach, Fla. Rescuers charged in to rescue the children , who were not seriously hurt. Authorities in Florida announced Friday they will charge the mother with three counts of attempted murder in the case. Accounts from the days before the van went into the water reflect a woman in deep distress. A report from police in Myrtle Beach, S.

But her attorney argued Wilkerson should be able to have unsupervised weekend trips with her children and husband only.
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