Current cumberland river water level

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current cumberland river water level

Reliability of the Forecast: Based on current and forecast river, weather and reservoir conditions. NOTE: Forecasts for the Cumberland River at Clarksville are issued routinely year-round. Upstream Gauge - at Nashville.

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Remember me. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District continues to monitor stream conditions throughout the Cumberland River Basin and to manage the release of water from its 10 dams as heavy rain continues to impact the region this week. The basin has received two to five inches of rain over the past four days, four to seven inches of rain over the past seven days, and seven to 12 inches of rain over the past month. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service calls for three to four inches of rainfall in the next 72 hours. At this time, long-term forecasts are more positive with little precipitation expected beyond the next 72 hours. Water conditions at the projects operated by the Nashville District are summarized below. The data presented represents conditions as of p.

The rain-swollen lake forced the U. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday to again release nearly 60, cubic feet of water per second from the Wolf Creek Dam, prompting some flooding along the Cumberland River in low-lying areas downstream. Some residents who remember the dam's once-perilous condition fear the massive force of the water could again put it in danger of failing, particularly after a widely shared media post last week showed water spewing from the dam's concrete face. That wasn't the case in , when the Corps lowered water levels in Lake Cumberland over fears that Wolf Creek Dam could give way and cause deadly flooding as far away as Nashville, Tennessee. At the time, the dam was deemed "the worst in the nation" for its risk of failure, Brown said. The earthen portion of the foot-high dam, built atop cavern- and fissure-riddled limestone, was shored up with an interlocking wall of concrete tubes during seven years of construction.

The Cumberland River is close to a moderate flood stage. Here's what you need to know.

Cumberland usdaughtersof1812maryland.orgd! Lake Cumberland, Highest Water level in the History of the Lake!

Flood Risk Information

Barbourville Utilities monitors and manages the community's flood wall, complying with federal regulations for inspection and offering public monitoring of Cumberland River levels on this website. The wall was built following the devastating flood, to protect the city from flood damage. Torrential rain fell from April that year, causing devastating floods across southeast Kentucky that killed 10 people. Fifteen Kentucky counties were declared disaster areas, including Knox and neighboring counties. Though the city of Barbourville was evacuated as a precaution, sandbag enforced levees protecting the town held back water.

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  1. The level of Lake Cumberland usually varies greatly during the year, as it is a deep reservoir used for flood control of the sometimes wild Cumberland River.

  2. NOTE: Gauge reading affected by reservoir operations - click here to Reliability of the Forecast: Based on current and forecast river, NOTE: Forecasts for the Cumberland River at Nashville are issued routinely year-round.

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