Level up cartoon network game

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Level Up - Play the Game from Level Up!

level up cartoon network game

Play the Level Up game, Conqueror of All Worlds, a massive adventure through multiple dungeons in search of clues and artifacts to defeat the evil wizard Maldark. Create your own character and level up your skills as you battle all sorts of crazy monsters on your epic quest.


In the real world though, they're just high school students who can barely stand each other. When a freak accident causes their video game to release trolls and other monsters through a portal into their hometown of Daventry Hills, the virtual clansmen must band together for real in order to save humanity. A catchy battle cry - The Wizza loves to shout "Huzzah! Perhaps less catchy and more tongue-twisting is "Tulta munille! Over-the-top weaponry - Defeating Maldark, the titular conqueror or worlds, takes some pretty heavy-duty hardware. It's a good thing the boys have the Thunderpole wizard's staff , Skullcracker super-powered club and Blastaton unwieldy gun that fires random objects handy when Maldark's rampaging minions hit town.

Level Up is a live-action television series that was aired on Cartoon Network. After high schoolers Wyatt, Lyle, Dante and Angie unwittingly open a portal from a video game called "Maldark: Conqueror of All Worlds" into the real world, characters from the game and the Internet start leaking into the real world of the four teenage characters. The group consequently finds itself balancing the everyday lives of its members with the extraordinary things that show up in their town from the virtual world which always resorts to using NeverFail to help send the monsters back into the game by "barding" them. There were also other Leaks that come from anything associated with the Internet. The following are listed in order of appearance:. Region 1.

Cartoon Network's original movie, Level Up is a fantastical comedy for the video game age. Usher and Dante Connor del Rio battle together as heroic avatars, in a massively multi-player online video game, Conqueror of All Worlds. Yet, by day these high school teenagers barely know each other's names, let alone their real identities. That all changes after they mistakenly open a portal from the game world to the real world unleashing the game's evil villain Maldark, a bunch of his trolls and the entire content of the internet, into their once peaceful neighborhood. Now the trio must put aside their differences and join forces with their classmate Angie Aimee Carrero to work together IRL in real life to win the game and save the world. All without a single cheat code! Level Up, the movie premieres Wednesday, November 23 at 7 p.

Skip to content. Share this: Facebook Twitter Email. Original Movie Captures More Than 2. Prior Four Weeks. Themed CartoonNetwork. Leveling all competition across its minute original movie premiere Wednesday, Nov.

Maldark: Conqueror of All Worlds

See our Mobile Games category for games compatible with tablet and mobile devices. Dante is just sitting in his picker garden one day, doing what a farmer does.. - Sign in.

Level Up: Pickle Farmer

Build a team of your favorite Cartoon Network characters to conquer a unique match 3 adventure in Cartoon Network Match Land! How many matches can you string together? Plus, you can move pieces diagonally to put a whole new angle on classic match 3 gameplay. Punch a pizza! Clash with cupcakes! Fight some french fries!

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