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The Dragon

arrow season 6 episode 19


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A new evil criminal organization is introduced. As you expect, this gave Diaz quite the complex, which still resonates 32 years later. He hopes crippling and seizing control of Star City will fulfill the price of admission. Diaz and Laurel meet with the greasy Eric Cartier, the son of one of the heads of the Quadrant who forces Diaz to audition before even granting him a meeting with his father. Thankfully, Diaz was wearing a vest and survives the attempt on his life.

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow season six episode — The Dragon. Maybe in an attempt to make up for over working their lead actor in episode 18, they gave him almost all of episode 19 off. Everyone else got the night off, which was fine because I think Oliver has alienated almost everyone and it was about time to see just what makes The Dragon tick. We find out that Diaz was an orphan, bullied by a kid named Jesse and traumatized by it. He believes that joinging them would turn his setup into a criminal empire. They meet with Eric Cartier Jr. Austin Holmes , the son of one of the Quadrant members.

All rights reserved. Until now, he has been the mysterious big bad slowly taking control of Star City and always being at least one step ahead of Oliver Queen. On the title card, the arrowhead is replaced by a dragon this week. The episode opens with a flashback to a young Diaz. That is when a bigger kid named Jesse arrives. He yells at Diaz to make his bed perfectly and says no one will ever want Diaz.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on.
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Arrow attempts to give its villain some depth with a straightforward backstory, a quest to climb the ladder of a stereotypical criminal enterprise, and flirtation with evil Laurel. Most of our main characters had the week off, and even those who appeared Felicity, Curtis, and Oliver made incredibly brief appearances that added little to the plot. That left most of a very long 40 minutes to focus on Diaz, perhaps the least interesting villain of the year. Was Anatoly busy? With only four more episodes this season, it's a terrible time to make us slog through such a slow hour, petering out what little momentum Arrow still had. Last week's hallucination of Adrian Chase made that painfully clear - even as a figment, he conjured more electricity than anyone from this season's pack of miscreants. Packing the line-up this season feels like an unsuccessful attempt to throw the kitchen sink at us.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 19 Review: “The Dragon”




Arrow Season 6 Episode 19 Review: The Dragon



Oliver is almost nowhere to be found in tonight's episode, “The Dragon.” Instead, the episode's titular villain takes center stage in an hour that's.
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