Why don t we just buy rainforests to save them

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Seven easy ways you can help save the Amazon rainforest

why don t we just buy rainforests to save them

This Is What Is Going To Save The Amazon Rainforest - Was The Goverment Involved?

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Advertisement Close X. As bad as that sounds, many more acres were lost in each of the two previous years, when huge fires wiped out millions of trees. Here are a few bullet points from the report:. Old growth deforestation continues : Primary or old-growth rainforest stores a lot of carbon in big trees and a lot of biodiversity—the frogs, bromeliads, lichens, leafcutter ants, and lemurs that live in those big trees. Small farmers, big problems : Small-scale farmers often growing cocoa for chocolate were responsible for most of the forest loss in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru. By contrast, large farms—like those growing soy for China—were the main culprit in Bolivia. Such loses pose an existential threat to the cultures of indigenous peoples.

One of the many disasters is this: the Amazon rain forest is currently burning. Our house is burning. It is an international crisis. Members of the G7 Summit, let's discuss this emergency first order in two days! ActForTheAmazon pic. Causes of the fire are far and wide. According to the National Institute for Space Research , fires are most common in the region during the dry season, which runs from July through to October.

M y mate Rob is a conservationist. Two years ago, he called me from Peru with a proposition. They planned to build a guard station on the land to protect it. The idea was simple: buy the land and stop the logging. The journey was long — four flights from home followed by an eight-hour drive from the city of Cusco — and dangerous, crossing the Andes, the cloud forest and the tropical lowlands on some of the worst roads in the world. And almost as soon as I arrived, I realised I'd bought a turkey. The forest wasn't the green idyll I had hoped for.

RCF is sometimes asked: why don't we just purchase tropical rainforest in Peru outright? On the That's why we work differently to preserve the RCTT in Peru.
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As emotionally devastating as it may be to see the lush, beautiful landscape ablaze, it also poses a threat to the future of Earth overall. If the situation continues to worsen, the Amazon could transform into a dry savannah, driving away forest wildlife and annihilating the vegetation on which our planet relies so heavily for oxygen. In that case, the Amazon might even begin to emit carbon—the main culprit behind global warming. But there are still plenty of ways you can help save the rainforest—check out some ideas below, suggested by Fast Company. The Rainforest Action Network works with grassroots organizations and forest communities to help establish sustainable environmental practices and combat destructive industrial activities throughout the rainforest.

Sure, governments can create laws to stop deforestation, but what can you do save the rainforest? It turns out quite a bit. Choose just one thing on this list and start making a difference. Over time add more actions and make an ever bigger difference. One way to save the rainforest?

It Isn’t Too Late to Save the Brazilian Rainforest

What Ever Happened to the Amazon Rain Forest?

When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct. Further, as the large-scale harvesting of lumber from the rain forests continues, the balance of the earth's eco-system is disrupted. We need the rain forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe. We also know that the earth's climate can be affected, as well as the water cycle. Rainforests also provide us with many valuable medicinal plants, and may be a source of a cure from some deadly diseases.

7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Save the Amazon Rainforest




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