Results of georgia governor race

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Stacey Abrams vows to remain in Georgia governor's race until "every vote gets counted"

results of georgia governor race

Georgia's governor race could be decided soon

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Two days after the midterm elections , one high-profile race is still undecided: the Georgia governor race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams. Kemp is ever-so-slightly ahead with more than 50 percent of the vote, but Abrams refuses to concede, as not all absentee and provisional ballots have been counted. Under Georgia law, if no candidate gets a majority of the vote, the two top candidates must advance to a runoff election. Meanwhile, Kemp has been acting as if he already won the race: On Thursday morning, he announced that he was setting up his transition team and stepping down as secretary of State, a position in which he faced accusations of racist voter suppression that civil-rights groups say helped him come out ahead in the gubernatorial race; in short, he oversaw the election as he ran in it. On Monday morning, Kemp had However, the state is still counting absentee and provisional ballots, which Abrams believes will go toward her.

See full results and maps from the Georgia midterm elections. is hoping to become the first African-American woman to be elected governor.
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Stacey Abrams, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, refused to concede against her opponent, Republican Brian Kemp, in a closely watched election that has attracted endorsements from high-profile celebrities and politicians. In an apparent reference to absentee ballots, Abrams suggested there would be a runoff and said there were "voices that are waiting to be heard. Abrams assured that "every vote is counts," and said that "in a civilized nation, the machinery of democracy should work for everyone, everywhere. Abrams, who received high-profile endorsements from Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Obama, would have become the first black female governor in the US if she won the election. She was also the first black woman to be a major party nominee during a gubernatorial election.

Abrams' team 'considering all options' in Georgia governor race

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Abrams, Kemp await more ballots in Georgia governors race

Amid a governor's race plagued by allegations of voter suppression, a federal judge has found that one Georgia county violated the Civil Rights Act in its handling of absentee ballots during last week's midterm elections. District Judge Leigh Martin May ruled on Tuesday that Gwinnett County in Georgia was in violation of the Civil Rights Act by rejecting absentee ballots that showed an incorrect birth year or omitted the detail altogether. The judge acknowledged that the ruling comes as there are "many hotly contested and highly publicized elections issues across the state" but ultimately ruled that this particularly "small portion of the outstanding absentee ballots" should be counted. In one of the most heated and highly contested races in this year's election cycle, the governor's race between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp remains uncalled, as the Democrat has refused to concede until "every vote is counted. He has called Abrams's refusal to concede a "disgrace. Robyn Crittenden, Georgia's new secretary of state after Kemp's resignation and the defendant in the case, argued that it would be "unduly burdensome" to have election supervisors count a new group of ballots at this point in the election process.

Republican Brian Kemp won the closest Georgia race for governor in more than 50 years, defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams by a narrow margin after a post-election battle that lasted until the last ballots trickled into county officials more than a week after the vote. The feud between the candidates was as bitter after the election as before it. The election was certified Saturday after all counties had reported their election results. The final tally showed Kemp won the contest by roughly 55, votes but was within about 17, votes of being forced into a runoff. It was the culmination of a fraught race that supercharged voter turnout and helped both candidates shatter records.

With reported votes approaching 3. As the clock neared 3 a. - As of today, there is still no sign either side is backing down. Kemp is moving forward as Governor-elect because according to his campaign, even if Abrams were to win all the remaining provisional ballots it would not be enough to trigger a recount or a December run-off.

View gubernatorial candidates and real-time election results on November 6 for the Georgia governor election. For more election updates, visit.
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ATLANTA Stacey Abrams' campaign and legal team is preparing an unprecedented legal challenge in the unresolved Georgia governor's race that could leave the state's Supreme Court deciding whether to force another round of voting. The Democrat's longshot strategy relies on a statute that's never been used in such a high-stakes contest. It is being discussed as Georgia elections officials appear to be on the cusp of certifying Republican Brian Kemp as the winner of a bitterly fought campaign that's been marred by charges of electoral malfeasance. Top Abrams advisers outlined her prospective case to The Associated Press, stressing that the Democratic candidate hasn't finalized a decision about whether to proceed once state officials certify Kemp as the victor. That could happen as early as Friday evening. Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, Abrams' campaign chairwoman, is overseeing a team of almost three-dozen lawyers who in the coming days will draft the petition, along with a ream of affidavits from voters and would-be voters who say they were disenfranchised.

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