Red hot chili peppers wet sand

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red hot chili peppers wet sand

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Wet Sand Lyrics: Stadium Arcadium My shadow's side so amplified Keeps coming back dissatisfied Elementary.

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Play "Wet Sand" on Amazon Music. I thought it was about losing a lover or close friend : "My shadow's side so amplified" - There is noone beside him anymore besides his shadow. I also see the line "My what a I think the Norma Jean would be reference to Marilyn Monroe, he is saying that her tumble from grave doesn't compare to the character in the story. Wondering why he lived and they didn't. Could also be seen as realising he has a second chance.

Wet Sand Lyrics: My shadow side, so amplified / Keeps coming back dissatisfied / Elementary sun but it's so / My love affair with everywhere.
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Find a lesson on the Wet Sand's solo here. Really on a Chili Peppers vibe at the moment, John Frusciante is a real genius and it's a lot of fun learning his parts, often very clever - but he plays for the song and that makes him even better! Guitar For this song I'm using by Suhr Classic, basically a hot rod Strat, using the neck pickup, all knobs on I suspect the original recording might have been played on a Gretsch style guitar, least that what it sounds like to my ear. The EQ was pretty flat but there was a little mid boost. The key for getting the sound close was the amount of gain, it's clean but not super clean, it needs a very slight crunchy edge so you'll have to experiment with your amp and explore the gain amount, it should be low, but how low will completely depend on your amp. Effects There were no effects used in the lesson excpet for a little reverb built into the Kemper , but the 2nd Verse on the original recording has a heavy Rotary effect, I suspect it's a Rotosphere pedal but could well be a proper Leslie cabinet being used.

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Red hot chili peppers - Wet sand




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