God of war 3 upper gardens

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How do you get through the upper gardens?

god of war 3 upper gardens

You will enter the gardens. Go pass the first terrace and approach the crank. Move it, jump onto the other platform and repeat the process once more.

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The Upper Gardens. Approach the 1st crank on the platform ahead and turn it to rotate the platform. Jump to the next platform, turn the 2nd crank and jump to the next platform with a 3rd crank. Turn the 3rd crank. Instead of continuing on, turn the 3rd crank once again after the platform comes to a rest.

Game Reviews - add yours. I got stuck here to, you have to take the dead girl and put here on the big platform then take the staircase and line it up with the other stairs, then take the chick and go up the stairs to the cup. Then take the chick and put here in it. Then take the staircase and put it on the platform and run and jump over the fence and run across the bridge. If you can't pass the beggining post how do you pass the beginning on this site! Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected.

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Olympus' Garden was a marbled-wall garden maze that belonged to the Goddess, Hera. It was located on Mount Olympus , right below the platforms of the Upper Gardens. On his way back to the Labyrinth , Kratos entered the garden where he found a drunken Hera laying on the grass and trying to revive her flowers to no avail. In despair, she blamed Kratos for the murder of the Gods and her beloved plants, then told him that his simple mind wouldn't find a way out and looked forward to watching him die in the garden as an old man. Kratos grabbed the Chalice that Hera had thrown moments earlier and moved on. In search of an exit, Kratos stepped on a pressure plate found in the middle of the garden, thus activated the Stone of Hyperion in both the Chalice and the Statue. That changed the view of perception which allowed him to see newly formed paths and stairs.

Olympus' Garden




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